The transportation of the Bursan will set an example for Constanta

The transportation of the bursa will be an example for Constanta: The members of the Black Sea University Association, who came from the Romanian city of Constanta to examine the transportation activities carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality in Bursa, said that the relations between Bursa and Constanta should be improved.

Mayor Recep Altepe met with members of the Union of Black Sea Universities at the table of Friends of Merinos Gonul. They came to Bursa to examine the transportation activities carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality and that domestic tram production was carried out with BURULAŞ. Durmazlar RATC General Manager Ovidius Tanase said that they were very impressed by the transportation activities in Bursa.
Stating that the Union of Black Sea Universities attaches importance to the promotion of 'sustainable transportation,, Tanase said, incel We have examined the works carried out in Bursa and saw your successes. They impressed us a lot. We want a strategic connection between Bursa and Constanta. Bursa's success is also important for us. This is our first official visit. We want to improve the dialogue between Bursa and Constanta. ”

“Great chance for Bursa Balkans”
Mayor Recep Altepe stated that serious steps have been taken in terms of transportation in Bursa in the last 5 year and said, “Romania is our friendly sister country. We duty, as a bridge between the Balkans with Bursa Turkey. Relations with Romania have not been developed to date. Bursa is a great chance for the Balkans. We are in favor of taking steps to ensure social, cultural and economic cooperation between Bursa and Constanta ”.

'Local government' lesson from Altepe
Mayor Altepe, Sulfur Chamber of Commerce and Industry Primary School 4. grade students. Within the scope of the 'Local Governments' unit, the students met with Mayor Altepe, and they learned the answers from the Mayor Altepe from the questions they are curious about. Altepe, Bursa gave gifts to guests at the end of the visit.

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