People's Transport said that Kala is a ala Yes ”

Public Transportation said “Yes” to Kala once again in favor of the change: İstanbul Halk transportation A.Ş. tradesmen, by bringing Ibrahim Kala and the Board of Directors back to power at the 9th General Assembly, showed that change and transformation will be permanent ...
Istanbul Public Transportation Co. Select 9. The General Assembly was held at Zey tinburnu Police House. Akia's sponsorship and intensive attendance to the general assembly; TÖHOB and İstanbul Private Public Buses President of the Tradesmen Chamber İsmail Yüksel and TÖHOB Secretary General Onur Orhon and other companies' presidents and managers and Temsa Global, Otokar, Güleryüz, Isuzu and Mercedes-Benz Turkish representatives attended the event.
The chairman of the board of directors, Chairman of Mavimarmara Yildirim Yilmaz, the clerical membership of Murat Yeşilyurt in the general meeting of Metin Mısırlı'nın activity and audit reports, was negotiated and acquitted. Former Presidents Mustafa Altuntas was also nominated for the 2 separate list of candidates in the election 1 yearbook 191 243 vs Ibrahim Kala was reassigned.
The list of board of directors was as follows; İbrahim Kala, Gaffar Güder, Naci Yağız, Mehmet Şark, Hasan Durgun, Lüt fi Oktay, Nezir Aslanhan, Lokman Akhan and Ahmet Kelkitli.
If the supervisory board; Ali Aras, Mesut Ya laz and Maşuk Aris. The Chairman of the Board; He said, “What we do is the guarantee of what we will do” and drew attention to the achievements with important innovations. Kala said that they attach importance to unity and solidarity for tradesmen. Stating that they ensured the discussion of issues such as VAT, discounted fuel, private public buses initiative to gain legal recognition; "The success stems from our acting from a common perception," he said.



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