Former deputy Kemal Demirel examined his dream

Former Deputy Kemal Demirel Examined His Dream: Former MP Kemal Demirel, who walked for kilometers to come to Bursa for trains, made examinations in the 17-year-old imaginary high-speed train construction.

Bursa Deputy Kemal Demirel, 17nd and 39rd term, who traveled around 8 provinces and 22 districts in 23 years and collected thousands of signatures for trains to come to Bursa, examined the construction of the high-speed train. Demirel, who examined the high-speed tre construction works in Bursa Balat, received information from the authorities. Emphasizing that he is following the project of high speed train to Bursa, which is his dream for about 17 years, with great happiness, Demirel said, “It was informed that the high-speed train will end in 2016. I have struggled to get trains to Bursa for 17 years. I tried to explain this situation with exhibitions. We want Bursa to have a modern transportation vehicle with both freight and passenger trains. Bursa deserves the best of everything. Bursa is a city of industry and agriculture. It is not acceptable to deprive such a city of the railroad. Construction continues rapidly. I also learned that there is no shortage of funds in this regard. "I will continue to monitor all stages until the train arrives in Bursa," he said.

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