Railway must come from Ovit Tunnel

Mahmutoğlu, as the Chamber of Architects, our idea is to add the railway to Ovit project without regional nationalism. In terms of money to be spent, this is what is needed for the proper use of national wealth. ” Mahmutoglu: [more…]

34 Istanbul

Passenger Bus on Metrobus Road

Kucukcekmece slippery road due to rainfall out of control a passenger bus, metrobus entered the road. After the accident E-5 highway traffic closed, metrobus density occurred on the road. Kaza, Küçükçekmece Sefaköy ramp on the clock 16: 30 [more…]

971 United Arab Emirates

Dubai Metro Will Pass After 2017

Dubai Metro, which is known as the longest non-chauffeur-free metro in the world, will cover the cost of 2017 and the city bus system will be covered by 2016. In addition, the number of passengers using the public transport system is very serious [more…]