YHT stealing cables from the line Workers are wearing overalls

The suspects who stole cables from the YHT line were wearing overalls: the 3 person who cut and steal the cable from the High Speed ​​Train line was caught by a scrapman who bought these cables. One of the children 3 person, cut and steal cable to avoid suspicion of the company's employees who wear the overalls of the railway line was determined.

Transport and Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan announced that YHT flights planned to start on May 29 were postponed to June due to cable theft and tightened the police and gendarmerie activities. In the Sapanca Kırkpınar and Batak locations of the YHT route, 4 people determined to have stolen by cutting the signaling cables placed in the concrete channel were caught. Hasan G., 24, with 25 different criminal records, and Çetin T., 46, and Hurdacı Yahya B., who were found to have purchased SC and copper wires, were detained.

Wearing overalls

It was understood that the suspects were wearing the overalls of the company employees who laid the railway while cutting the cables, so that they did not draw suspicion. Suspects 10 YHT line during the day by stealing about 2 thousand meters of cable appeared to sell.

While the suspects were released under the instructions of the prosecutor's office because the age of SC is younger, the other 3 are still ongoing.


It was noted that the police set up a team of 24 people to monitor the train line for 20 hours only in regards to theft that caused delays in the Sapanca region, and the gendarmerie also worked effectively. It was stated that the thefts were intense between Pamukova, Geyve and Sapanca, only 40 thieving incidents took place in this region since the beginning of the year, and a person who tried to steal cables in Pamukova District died in the high voltage line.


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