Sincan Station Park Becomes Symbol of District

Sincan Station Park Becomes a Symbol of the District: Sincan Station Park is waiting for its guests. Station Park, one of the symbols of Xinjiang, combines history and aesthetics.

Sincan Municipality welcomes its guests with İstasyon Park. The station park, which welcomes tourists and citizens from the station and the resting areas, green areas and Black Train, is greatly appreciated. The park, which blends history and culture, is waiting for visitors with the 60 annual land train.
Sincan Mayor Park in the center of Sincan indicating that the city is very appropriate Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna; Alan We have reorganized the Station Zone, making it a place where our citizens can benefit. We have put the Station Park into service to welcome our citizens descending from the train. It is also very happy that Park, which adds value to our district with the land train, makes us happy. Tren

Station Park is located in an area very close to the YHT Line. Thanks to this location of the park, the black train can be seen together with the state-of-the-art high-speed train which makes the Ankara-Eskişehir expedition. The image, which can be defined as the comparison between the old and the new, gives the guests different feelings while resting.

Prepared as a living area where the citizen would have a rest and have a good time, İstasyon Park gave an impressive view to the city with its 93 Ton nostalgic train. The train, which was brought into two parts by tractor from Alaşehir District of Manisa, was moved to the park and placed with the help of giant cranes. The train, which has completed the sandblasting works, was presented to the liking of the Sincans who will be painting works. The original Nostalgic train is known to have an 60 history. Park; nostalgic train, fountain, pool, according to the season, floral arrangement, living groups, camellia, pergolas, including a lot of areas has become a living place. Park is one of the symbols of the county.



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