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Marmaray Regional Directorate claims that Marmaray leaks

Explanation from Marmaray Regional Directorate for the allegations of Marmaray leaking: It was deemed necessary to make the following statement about the Marmaray news in newspapers today. Marmaray is one of the safest projects in the world built with advanced technology. Statements based on "officials" in newspaper news. [more…]

92 Pakistan

Pakistanda passenger train bomb attack, 16 dead

Bomb attack on passenger train in Pakistan, 16 dead: 16 people lost their lives and 40 people were injured as a result of a bomb attack on a passenger train in Pakistan. 16 people lost their lives and 40 people were injured in the attack in Pakistan. Attack of the train, Baluchistan [more…]

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Environmental Friendly Approaches in Logistics Sector

Environmentally Friendly Approaches in Logistics Sector Importance: The UTIKAD session organized at Istanbul Carbon Summit focused on the sensitivity of the logistics sector in carbon emissions and the practices in the sector. In the session where the European Union's efforts to reduce carbon emission in the sector are shared, [more…]

34 Istanbul

It is impossible to flood the river

It is not possible for the Marmaray to flood: The statement came from TCDD for the photo leaking water through the crack in the wall of Marmaray: “The leak has nothing to do with sea water and tubes. In the infiltrated tunnel… According to the report of Çağdaş Ulus from Vatan newspaper; One in the social networking site twetter [more…]

30 Hakkari

Hakkari ski paragliding

Ski paragliding in Hakkari: A group of athletes made a paragliding flight with skiers at Mergabüt Ski Center at an altitude of 2600 meters in Hakkari. Hakkari University Physical Education and Sports Department lecturer Emin Yıldırım, Cumhuriyet Anatolian High School Director Erol [more…]

06 Ankara

4 Season Skiing in Altinoran

Altınorda The '4 Seasons Ski: Sinpas developed by the Building Sinpas Altınorda projects of social reinforcement with eye dolduruyor.türki real estate industry's leading Sinpaş developed by the Building and Ankara's central rate in more rising Altınoran every day, four seasons of the year [more…]


Station Houses Bring A New Breath to Meram

Station house Meram New Breath to Bring: Konya Metropolitan Municipality's High-Speed ​​Train Station is located in the area where it maintains the restoration 13 proprietary structure, social and will bring a new zone using cultural purposes pale in Konya next-Speed ​​Train Station [more…]


Dangerous Road In Hisarcık Is Closed To Traffic

Dangerous Road Closed to Traffic in Hisarcık: The pedestrian road, which posed a danger in the industrial site of Hisarcık district of Kütahya, was closed to traffic by the municipality. Municipality officials made the following statement on this subject, "In our district implementation plan, the entrance to the industrial site is dangerous. [more…]


TCDD cannot find subcontractors

TCDD, can not find subcontractors that provide job: TCDD who want to get rid of the lawsuit filed by the workers can not find their address many of the company ... Notice and severance pay, leave, can not get their overtime and wages Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) workers subcontracted workers, TCDD [more…]


Reaction to the Asphalt Site Established in Village Campus

Reaction to the Asphalt Construction Site Established in the Village Campus: The asphalt construction site established in the Çeltiksuyu village campus of Bingöl attracted the reaction of the villagers. A private company that took the construction of Bingöl-Genç, Bingöl-Solhan and Ring Road, established a construction site in Çeltiksuyu village campus. Reacting to the situation [more…]


Side view mirrors date after 103 year

Are side-view mirrors a date after 103 years: Electric car maker Tesla and the automotive lobby group Auto Manufacturers Alliance in the US have stepped up their efforts to replace side mirrors in cars with cameras. For this, National Highway Traffic Safety [more…]

34 Istanbul

Marmaray tourism

Marmaray tourism: The Project of the Century has brought tourism blessings to the Anatolian Side. With Marmaray, which was flooded by curious tourists, the occupancy rate of the hotels in the region increased by 20 percent. Tourism professionals have launched daily 'walking tours' to the region Carrying an average of 110 thousand passengers a day [more…]


Karamanda New Ring Road Works Started

New Ring Road Works in Karaman Started: Ground survey and drilling work started for the new ring road planned to be built in Karaman. Ground survey and drilling work started for the new ring road planned to be built in Karaman. Works in Urgan District [more…]


Ener Chairman Aksu: Fast Train to Erzurum

Ener President Aksu: Let Erzuruma High Speed ​​Train Come Fast Rey Okay Rayda.Erzurum Head of Thought and Strategy Center (ENER) Vahdet Nafiz Aksu said, “Mayors and Deputies should direct the 'public energy' they have stored in the election to big projects. We explained before [more…]


Çankaya and Dikmen bridge

Çankaya and Dikmen are joining the bridge: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality reached the last stage in the Steel Bridge in Dikmen Valley. The bridge which will connect Dikmen and Çankaya will be 2 lanes with 2 arrival and 4 going. [more…]