34 Istanbul

It is impossible to flood the river

It is not possible to flood the Marmaray: TCDD gave a statement for the photo of the water leaking from the crack in the wall in Marmaray: “The leak has nothing to do with sea water and tubes. Infiltration is in the tunnel… According to the news of Çağdaş Ulus from Vatan newspaper; [more…]


Station Houses Bring A New Breath to Meram

Station Houses Bring a New Breath to Meram: The 13 registered building, which continues to be restored in the area where Konya Metropolitan Municipality High Speed ​​Train Station is located, will bring a new breath to the region with its social and cultural purpose. [more…]


TCDD cannot find subcontractors

TCDD, can not find subcontractors that provide job: TCDD who want to get rid of the lawsuit filed by the workers can not find their address many of the company ... Notice and severance pay, leave, overtime and can not get their wages Republic of Turkey on railways [more…]


Reaction to the Asphalt Site Established in Village Campus

Response to the Asphalt Construction Site Established in the Village Campus: The asphalt construction site established in the Çeltiksuyu village campus of Bingöl attracted the reaction of the villagers. Bingöl-Genç, Bingöl-Solhan and a private company that took the construction of the ring road in the Çeltiksuyu village campus, [more…]

34 Istanbul

Marmaray tourism

Marmaray tourism: The Project of the Century brought tourism abundance to the Anatolian Side. The occupancy rate of hotels in the region increased by 20 percent with Marmaray, which was flooded by curious tourists. Tourism professionals started daily 'walking tours' to the region. [more…]


TCV's next stop is Busworld 2014

TCV's next stop is Busworld 2014: TCV, which offers efficient solutions to the public transportation sector thanks to its innovative products developed by Turkish engineers, continues on its way with the latest technology buses it produces. current of TCV buses [more…]


Environment and Energy Policies

Environment and Energy Policies Are Discussed: 10, hosted by Istanbul Kemerburgaz University, will be held in April at the “Rio + 20 Energy and Environment Relations Workshop sürdür, which is one of the common agendas of all the world countries. [more…]


Virtual Travel

Will we be able to take a vacation while sitting in our chair in the future? Will robots make reservations? When we think of long-distance travel, will we think of space instead of the Far East? Travel search offering innovative technological solutions in the travel industry [more…]

46 Sweden

Volvo chose CEVA for customs operations

Volvo selects CEVA for customs operations: CEVA, one of the world's largest supply chain management companies, will conduct the customs operations of Volvo, the Swedish luxury automotive manufacturer. 60 in the US has been on the market for more than a year [more…]