corfez dolphins
35 Izmir

First Gulf Dolphins in Izmir

The First Bay Dolphins in Izmir: The first 3 of the new train sets ordered to increase the passenger capacity of İZBAN were brought to Izmir for a "test drive". A total of 72 sets with 24 wagons will be in İzmir this year, while the remaining 16 sets will be [more…]


Ordu Peripheral Road Full Gas

Ordu Peripheral Road Full Gas: Ordu Peripheral Road construction, which has been working in Ordu since 2007 and whose foundation was laid 1.5 years ago, continues without slowing down. With a total length of 19 km, 6.5 km of which are tunnels. [more…]


Tunnel Construction Started in Esenköy

Tunnel Construction Started in Esenköy: Works for the construction of 5 tunnels and 6 viaducts in Esenköy town of Çınarcık district of Yalova. The connection of the Nato road to the coastal road from the Gendarmerie Command area would deal a blow to the tourism of the town. Seeing this, Esenköy Municipality [more…]


Derince to record length concrete road

Derince to be a record-length concrete road: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues to work in order to modernize the village roads, the record works. The concrete road works developed as an alternative to the asphalt road continue to be applied in the village roads. This [more…]


3, Bridge's feet have exceeded 200 meters

3, The feet of the bridge exceeded 200 meters: Works continue at full speed on the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge, which is under construction in Istanbul. The aerial images of the bridge show the work on the feet of more than 200 meters and other areas. When the bridge's feet are over [more…]


Stray horses in Karsta are spreading danger

Karsta Stray horses are dangerous: Horses left unattended in Kars give drivers a hard time and invite accidents. Stray horses on the Kars-Ardahan Highway continue to spread danger. Horses that survive on the highway and in the empty fields next to it, [more…]


The code of the South Raman ring road will be examined

The code low on the Güney Raman ring road bridge will be examined: The Regional Directorate of Highways took action on the allegation of 'low code' on the Güney Raman ring road bridge, which passes near the Balpınar town of Batman. Complaining about low code in the bridge under construction [more…]

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'Pink Metrobus' cure to your scream

The 'Pink Metrobus' cure for the scream to gather your legs: A campaign was launched with the names 'occupy my place' and 'gather your legs' on social media. While the screams of women who are uncomfortable with the way men sit in public transport have increased, the 'women-only [more…]

Intercity Railways

Rumeli Railways and Train Stations

Rumeli Railways and Train Stations: The first train in the Western world, after various preliminary trials, started to operate at a speed of 1825 km per hour on the short railway line laid between Darlington and Stockton towns in England in 20. Among British industrialists [more…]


Diyarbakır people meet with TürkTraktör

Diyarbakir, Meets with TürkTraktör Business Machines: the name of Turkey's agricultural sector experienced TürkTraktör, CASE and New Holland brand business machines Diyarbakir Middle East showcased in the Construction Fair. Diyarbakır, 17 April 2014 - TürkTraktör, between 17-20 April [more…]

The cable car services to the ones going to Bursa
16 Bursa

Mayor Altepe Gives Good News for Uludağ Cable Car Line

Mayor Altepe gave good news for Uludağ Cable Car Line: Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe said that modern transportation will start at the end of May by participating in the trial runs of the new cable car, which will add comfort to the transportation of Uludağ. Metropolitan Municipality's old cable car modernized [more…]


Beton opened its doors in Ankara 2014 Congresium

Concrete Ankara opened its doors in 2014 Congresium: Turkey Ready Mixed Concrete Association (TRMCA) organized by the "concrete Ankara 2014, Ready Mix Concrete, Cement, Aggregates, Building Technology and Equipment Exhibition" Environment and Urban Planning Minister Idris opened with güllücan participation. This year [more…]


Change of Duty at BORAJET

Task Change at BORAJET: Experienced name who has successfully served as General Manager since the establishment of BORAJET Airlines. Kadir Peker transfers his duty in line with his new professional plans. Mr. Kadir Peker over 20 years of experience in the Aviation Sector, [more…]

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Metrobus selfie from Hamit Altıntop

Metrobus selfie from Hamit Altıntop: Hamit Altıntop! Metrobus selfie from star football player Hamit Altıntop, 32-year-old player of Galatasaray, shared a photo of him on the metrobus today. The 32-year-old player of Galatasaray, Hamit Altıntop, shared a photo of him in the metrobus today. [more…]


Eighties and Karadayi arrays receive traffic safety awards

The TV series Eighties and Karadayı received traffic safety awards: The Traffic Safety Media Awards, organized with the cooperation of the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK), the General Directorate of Security, the General Directorate of Press and Information and the support of TÜVTÜRK, found their owners. At the award ceremony [more…]

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IETT last year carried 1,2 billion passengers

IETT carried 1,2 billion passengers last year: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality 2013 year IETT Enterprises General Directorate annual report was presented to IMM Parliament. The report is expected to be approved by a majority vote of members of the AK Party. IETT General Manager [more…]


RayHaber 18.04.2014 Tender Bulletin

Sewer Line Renewal Work (TCDD 4 Regional Directorate Sivas Loko Maintenance Workshops) Ankara-Sincan YHT Line Panel Fence and Wire Fence Expulsion at Various Kilometers and Railway Type Expansion Transportation to Etimesgut Warehouse Piston will be purchased [more…]


Why is Derince Port being sold

Why Derince Port is being sold: It has been announced that there are tenders for Derince Port Derince port, which is owned by TCDD, will be privatized for 39 years by the method of "granting the operating rights". In the tender with a bid bond of 25 million dollars, the last bid [more…]

Intercity Railways

TRT Publishing History Museum Wagon in Kayseri

TRT Broadcasting History Museum Wagon in Kayseri: TRT Broadcasting History Museum Wagon came to Kayseri due to the 50th anniversary of TRT. Some of the works exhibited in the TRT Publishing Museum in Ankara due to the 50th anniversary of TRT were placed inside the TCDD wagon. [more…]