Marmaray Regional Directorate claims that Marmaray leaks

Marmaray Regional Directorate of the allegations of leaking leakage: Today, the news about the Marmaray news in the newspapers made it necessary to make the following description.Marmaray is one of the safest projects in the world built with advanced technology.

The statements that are based on. Authorities ild in the newspaper news are not the explanation of our Company. A technical team consisting of experts from TCDD, Marmaray Regional Directorate, Consultant Eurasia Joint Venture and TGN Joint Venture of Contractor has been examined in Marmaray.

In the technical examination; There is no leakage or humidification in the tubes under the sea. As a result of the technical examination, it has been determined once again that there is no obstacle to operational safety.

Information pollution and the fact that the yol leak ın not reflecting the reality of the passengers were not explained a second time to be affected.


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