Bodrum's First Global Race Prepares to Start

The First Global Race of Bodrum is Prepared for the Start: Global Ports Holding (GLİ) is preparing to meet 1.000 athletes with the Global Run to be held in Bodrum for the first time. 27 will be donated to Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG)
Global Ports Holding is also an important first in sports tourism. GLİ is preparing to meet sports lovers with the leri Bodrum Global Run “to be held for the first time in Bodrum to support sports tourism and take an active role in its growth. Giving an important step for the development of sports tourism, GLİ will donate all of the Bodrum Global Run registration fees to TOG. In addition to its support for sports tourism, GLİ aims to ensure that sport is an integral part of the sport while preparing young people for the future.
In Bodrum Cruise Port, the 27 will take place in April and the un Bodrum Global Run yarış, where the 15 athlete will compete on the 5 3XXXXX course, is awaiting the unique prizes of the top five athletes, including cruise trips. GLİ aims to increase its contribution to sports tourism every year by transforming the Bodrum Global Run run into a traditional one and transporting it to other port cities.


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