33 France

For Renault Formla E

On the track for Renault Formla E: Less than five months before the FIA ​​Formula E Championship starts in September at 13 in Beijing, FEH and Spark Racing Technology are the official technical partners of the competition. [more…]


Pay attention to these roads in Bursa

Attention to these roads in Bursa: Due to the viaduct construction to be made in Alaşar within the scope of Bursa-Yenişehir high-speed train project, transportation on the Bursa-Yalova road is provided by alternative routes. In the statement made by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, “State Railways Administration [more…]

34 Istanbul

Important step for the metrobus ordeal

An important step for the Metrobus ordeal: A 24-month protocol was signed with TÜBİTAK to increase the efficiency of Metrobus and all bus lines in Istanbul. With the study, metrobus travel and waiting times will be shortened. [more…]


Uniform toll application in the EU

Uniform toll fee application in the EU: EU Commissioner Oettinger argued that a uniform toll fee should be applied in 28 EU member states. Draft law on collecting toll from vehicles with foreign license plates in Germany [more…]


Eurasia tunnel will be a refuge in natural disasters

The Eurasia Tunnel will be a shelter in natural disasters: The Eurasia Tunnel, whose foundation was laid in Istanbul the previous day by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, will be built in such a way that it will not be affected even by the earthquake and tsunami. tunnel superior security [more…]