61 Trabzon

Uzungöl cable car project stopped

When the Uzungöl ropeway project stopped: 21 Million Euro worth ropeway project planned between Uzungöl and Graster Plateau in Çaykara district of Trabzon could not start a tulle. Ropeway project in Trabzon's Greater City [more…]


What happened to the cable car in Uzungol

What happened to the cable car in Uzungöl: The authorized company could not start a rope in the 21 Million Euro cable car project planned to be built between Uzungöl and Graster Plateau in Çaykara District of Trabzon. Cable car project Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

Intercity Railways

1 April Joke on BTK railway line

April 1 joke about BTK railway line: The "April 1" joke was made by Kars Arpacay District Governorship to draw attention to the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) railway line works on its official website. Despite [more…]

Asphalt News

Beykonakta asphalt work started

Asphalt work has started in Beykonak: Asphalt work has started in Beykonak, the new neighborhood of Kumluca, asphalt work has been started by the teams of Kumluca Municipality in Beykonak, which has turned into a neighborhood with the closure of the town municipality. Three in Beykonak District [more…]

3. Airport
34 Istanbul

What Was the Name of the 3rd Airport?

Third Airport ad is on air. The airport, whose name has not yet been determined, is planned to be named Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA). Cengiz-Kolin-Limak-Mapa-Kalyon joint venture of the 22rd Airport IGA, the tender of which was won with a bid of 152 billion 3 million Euros [more…]

Asphalt News

Asphalting Works in Gebzede Continues

Asphalting Work in Gebze Continues: Gebze Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams, work continues without a break. Asphalt and curb works in the neighborhood of peace continues to work teams connected to the science department, beautiful [more…]

34 Istanbul

Haliç Metro Bridge Housing Work

Haliç Metro Bridge Created for Residences: In addition to facilitating transportation, the Haliç Metro Bridge, opened last month, also evaluated the residences in the region. The Golden Horn, which was put into service last month as Turkey's first metro crossing bridge [more…]


Istanbul Carbon Summit Begins

Istanbul Carbon Summit: Istanbul ITU, Istanbul Chamber of Industry, EUAS, TUBITAK MRC, Union of Marmara Municipalities, METU Petroleum Research Center, Energy Efficiency Association, World Energy Council Turkish National Committee, [more…]


The exact time of summer tires

It's Time to Switch to Summer Tires: In the days when the sun starts to show itself, Pirelli draws attention to the importance of seasonally appropriate tires in terms of performance, safety and fuel consumption. Pirelli, also store winter tires [more…]