Speed ​​Limits Will Increase Traffic Relax

Speed ​​limits will increase traffic will be relieved: Denizli Chauffeers and Automobile Chamber President Koksal Semerci, the Highways Traffic Regulation by changing the speed limit on the divided roads to the 90 kilometers, they found the positive, increasing the speed limit, especially in the city will ease the traffic, he said.

Semerci stated that they found it positive to increase the speed limit on double roads divided in the city with the Highways Traffic Regulation, which was published in the Official Gazette on February 19, and said, “The speed limit decreased to 50 kilometers in some places and 70 kilometers in some places. "When vehicles suddenly slowed down at checkpoints or camera control points, it brought along unwanted traffic accidents, loss of life and property."

Stating that increasing the speed limit to 90 kilometers in urban divided double roads will be good in terms of preventing unwanted traffic accidents and ensuring the flow of traffic, Semerci said, “With the new regulation, Provincial and District Traffic Commissions and Transportation Coordination Centers (UKOME), divided state and province passing through the settlement The speed limits for vehicle types are up to 32 kilometers, and up to 20 kilometers in other divided highways within the residential area, on roads with high transport capacity, where the necessary measures are taken in terms of life and property safety, pedestrian crossings are provided with lower and upper crossings, where municipalities are responsible for construction and maintenance. has been authorized to increase. With this application, the speed limit can be increased to 90 kilometers for each vehicle, as well as a different speed limit for vehicles from different classes, up to a maximum of 90 kilometers. We believe that there will be a decrease in accidents at intersections with the change in speed. On the other hand, the speed limit will continue to be maintained as 50 kilometers on side roads with unsuitable infrastructure.




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