05 Amasya

TCDD warns of spraying on railways

TCDD warned about spraying on railways: Between 14 April and 29 April 2014, spraying will be carried out in the railway lines and stations within the borders of Sivas-Samsun-Gelemen, Sivas-Kayseri-Sivas and Erzurum-Aşkale. Danger to human and animal health [more…]

38 Ukrayna

Ukraine - Russia rail services may be stopped

Ukraine - Russia rail services can be stopped: Kommersant newspaper published a news report that Russia may have problems in train crossings over Ukraine in summer. Ukrainian State Railway Office (Ukrzaliznıtsya) in a letter sent to the Russian State Railways Office (RJD), passing through the territory of the country [more…]

34 Istanbul

Kenya President Marmarayda (Photo Gallery)

Kenya President Marmarayda: Marmaray, which connects Asia and Europe with the railway from the sea, remains the center of attention. 29 Marmaray was inaugurated in October and after its opening, 9 hosted its first guest on Wednesday in April. [more…]

16 Bursa

There's a ropeway and a plane.

Both the ropeway and the plane are like: The new ropeway starts in May, but let's look further. Seyfettin Avşar, the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, and the Deputy Secretary General Mustafa Altın made the last examinations and gave the good news of May. This from the beginning [more…]

05 Amasya

Obstacles at airports

The obstacles are removed at the airports: The number of airports awarded within the scope of the Barrier-Free Airport Project, which is carried out to facilitate passengers with disabilities or limited mobility, has increased to 26. Efforts are underway to make the airports suitable for the use of disabled citizens. Civil Aviation [more…]


Batu Logistics Launched Gebze Warehouse

Batu Logistics Opens Gebze Warehouse: Batu Logistics, which opened its Gebze warehouse, started to serve in a total area of ​​12.500 m², 20.000 m² of which is closed. Area where dangerous, flammable, flammable, chemical products can be stored, free warehouse [more…]