Environmental Friendly Approaches in Logistics Sector

Environmentally Friendly Approaches in Logistics Sector Importance: The UTIKAD session organized at Istanbul Carbon Summit focused on the sensitivity of the logistics sector in carbon emissions and the practices in the sector.

The European Union's efforts to reduce carbon emissions in the sector and the goals of sharing the session, the transport and logistics sector in the future may face new sanctions are underlined.

The session titled üme Sustainable Growth in Logistics: Environmentally Friendly Approaches and Practices in Turkish Logistics Sector ler moderated by Turgut Erkeskin, President of the Association of International Transport and Logistics Service Producers, Assoc. Dr. Sevim Budak, Ekol Logistics Management Systems Development Manager Enisa humankind, DHL Express Turkey Marketing Customer Relations and Communication Deputy General Manager of the Nile sharp Keles and Bureau Veritas Business Development Manager attended the Zodiac Boran as Mutman speaker.

In his opening speech of the session, President Turgut Erkeskin emphasized that global warming is becoming more important for a sustainable world and the future, and that the use of fossil fuels in the transportation sector has increased the greenhouse effect.

He noted that the increasing greenhouse gas effect necessitated renewal in all sectors, including transportation, and that new measures would be taken within the transport and logistics sector in the European Union and all over the world.

Turgut Erkeskin continued his speech as follows: “Logistics is an inevitable part of development. With the globalization process, the movement of goods all over the world has become easier, the world needs us. Today, while the demand for transportation is increasing all over the world, carbon dioxide emissions must be reduced on the other hand. Unfortunately, there are heavy sanctions on the logistics industry today. Fuel taxes are imposed on the industry. In Turkey, 95 percent of domestic freight by road is done, the railroad is still little used. As a sector, we have to find a permanent solution to the imbalance in transportation modes. Important steps are being taken in the sector to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and different methods are developed to minimize the damage to the environment. Here, there are measures to use new generation engines and environmentally friendly fuels in transportation vehicles. We create awareness for a sustainable logistics associations on hedefindeyiz.öncelikl Turkey's first and only green office certified bodies, civil society. We are among the founding partners of BALO, which was established with the aim of developing environmentally friendly and economical transportation models. At the FIATA Istanbul 13 World Congress, which will be held between 18-2014 October 2014, we will definitely include the developments on this subject. The concepts of "Green Logistics and Green Economy" gain importance for sustainable growth in our industry. In our congress, we will talk about environmentally friendly transportation models and infrastructure investments for sustainable logistics by gathering around the same table with world logistics professionals.

Mr. Turgut Erkeskin also underlined that the investments that will be the solution to the carbon dioxide emission are adopted by the sector and the implementations are rapidly realized. En We appreciate the environmental logistics practices that our companies take into account by taking into account both the social and environmental sensitivities. And we want to set an example for our other companies. Ve


Istanbul University, Faculty of Political Sciences, Department of Urbanization and Environmental Issues, Assoc. Dr. Sevim Budak pointed out that the transport and logistics sector is closely monitored by the EU and other international platforms on carbon emissions, and gave information about the current practices for the sector.

Sevim Budak, who gave examples of the European Union's efforts to reduce carbon emissions in the transport and logistics sector and the preparations under these targets, called on the sector to be prepared.

Budak said, eyi The European Union aims to reduce greenhouse gas to 2020 below 1990 by 20 until 2. Efforts are being made to create a monitoring system for the transport sector, fuel consumption of heavy vehicles and COXNUMX emission with the potential effect of tire pressure, and to bring bans on loads during the weekend. Ulaştırma


Gerekiyor Our trucks and trucks need to be adapted to EU standards. Otherwise, enil Budak said, “In the near future, our vessels will be asked to issue a carbon footprint certificate at EU ports. Likewise, we will have to renew our TIR fleets according to standards such as fuel level, carbon emission. If the measures are not taken, our vehicles will have to wait at the border gates or they will have to return Ted.


Ekol Logistics Management Systems Development Manager Enisa humankind and DHL Express Turkey Marketing Customer Relations and Communication Deputy General Manager of the Nile sharp Keles, the presentations made, more environmentally friendly in order to develop a transport system by giving examples from the works of the sector companies as they approached with sensitivity to the issue and close applications in the world they have followed.

Enise Ademoğlu stated that Ekol Logistics is one of the most important values ​​for being an environmentalist. Için While installing a plant to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, we pay attention to be environmentally sensitive even when drawing a new line route. With our intermodal transport every month, we provide 750 football field as much as the forest area, the world around 150 times equivalent fuel savings. We are working with Euro 5 vehicles and we provide trainings to our drivers at EKOL academy. Turkey are one of the following logistics company carbon footprint. We also offer special monthly CO2 emissions and diesel consumption savings reports to our customers. Ayrıca

Ademoğlu also said that Ekol is the first Turkish company to be a finalist in the EU Environment Awards.


DHL Express Turkey Marketing Customer Relations and Communications Deputy General Manager Nil said Sharp Keles is made the following speech: "DHL project presented in 2008" GoGreen "and was the first global logistics company to offer environmental protection program. With or GoGreen konusunda, we help our customers reduce their carbon footprints. We offer additional carbon reporting services to manage carbon emissions. Karbon

Stating that DHL is implementing the UM GoGreen göster project in more than one 30 country today, Keleş said that they aim to implement this project in the 220 country in which they operate.

Burcu Boran Mutman, Business Development Manager of Bureau Veritas said that they started to move around certain standards in order to maintain sustainability according to their fields of activity.

UTİKAD President Turgut Erkeskin, who thanked the speakers for their information, emphasized that the concepts of ın sustainability and green logistics giderek have gained importance in the transportation and logistics sector and that the companies that want to exist in the sector in the future have acted without waiting for the legal requirements.



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