The reaction from Tüzel to the privatization of railways

Reaction from Tüzel to the privatization of railways: Istanbul Deputy Levent Tüzel reacted to the privatization of TCDD. Reminding of the strike of railways employees, Tüzel said, "Despite all the objections of the unions, professional organizations and political parties organized on the railways, the AKP government wants to quickly pass the law that will privatize the railways from the Parliament."

The TCDD will be restructured as a railway infrastructure operator and TCDD will be set up as the railway operator and TCDD will be established as TCDD. But how? The state will carry out land sub-investments, repairs and maintenance, land expropriation for the development of train lines, private companies will operate and TCDD will manage railway traffic ı.

Legal, state-owned private company creation and 150 annual railway accumulations, treasury facilities offered to the service of the company is unacceptable, he said.

Source: Universal

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