TCDD Transportation Inc. (SPECIAL NEWS)

📩 27/11/2018 16:00

Parliamentary General Assembly, began to TCDD Transport Inc. envisages the establishment of Railway Transport Liberalization Turkey About Draft Law calls.

Istanbul Deputy Durmuşali Torlak, who spoke on behalf of the MHP group on the entire bill, argued that TCDD was first brought to a position to attract the private sector and then TCDD was the next in privatization.

Stating that the name of the bill, the restructuring of TCDD is liberalization according to the government and "privatization" according to them, Torlak said, "At the end of this law, will our people, railways or private companies win?" asked.

Stating that the bill does not bring protectionism to the national capital, Torlak said, "Will our country be required for the privatization of the railways, or will it be open to global companies".

Stating that the government prepared the draft in line with the wishes of the global capital and that anyone looking at the draft can easily understand, Torlak said, "If this draft is enacted in this way, TCDD will become a place that works according to free market conditions and national transport will disappear because it cannot compete with private companies."

Torlak argued that the bill was not prepared considering the needs of the institution nor the public.

"We are against the bill"

Speaking on behalf of the CHP Group, Istanbul Deputy Haluk Eyidogan stated that the bill described TCDD as a monopoly and said that it should have a competitive structure.

Claiming that railways will be sold to somebody in the medium and long term, Eyidogan said, “The solution of every problem that is caused by the public is private enterprise, but private enterprises should not spend money or put money in solving this problem. "This is the essence of the law."

He added that they are opposed to the bill, arguing that there will be arrangements that will pave the way for subcontracting for employees.

Speaking personally, on behalf of the CHP Kocaeli Deputy Heydar Akar, said that the railways only indexing speed train, "I wish I quickly train on each side of Turkey's state railways gone but not just about high-speed trains," he said.

"Withdrawal of investment network"

Referring to the BDP Group, Hakkari deputy Adil Kurt, the bill, the transfer of investment created by public facilities, said the issue.

Defending that the rights have also gone back in terms of employees, Kurt said, “The government wants to get rid of a hump according to itself. He put forward the view that the bill includes the advance of an investment network.

70-80 percent of the energy sources that Turkey's east to west, saying that the wolves have achieved, but investment is made, "Subsequently the 'we eradicate inequality,' you say. "If you had made an investment improvement in transportation between Van and Mersin Port, you would have contributed to the economy of the country."

Kurt said, "We can achieve social peace, but this will not be permanent unless you build this social peace on a mentality change."

Source: Yirmidört Haber

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