Technology That Prevents Water Leakage


The technology that prevents water leakage in the maritime technology is being used. The water leaks in concrete blocks in Kazlıçeşme-Ayrılıkçeşme which is the most important ring of Marmaray is prevented with AB-SCHOMBURG products. ASOPUR-3GF is applied to the usual Marmaray water leaks.

HalkalıMarmaray, which is the 76 kilometer railway project that will work between Gebze, is introduced as one of the biggest projects of the century.

The most important link of the project is the throat tube crossing, the tunneling tunnels between Sirkeci-Kazlıçeşme and Üsküdar-Ayrılıkçeşme. 2 minutes of the Bosphorus pass through the project, Halkalı-Gebze journey is planned to be reduced to a total of 105 minutes.


1 will reduce the transportation time of the million people, reduce the traffic of hours spent, reduce the use of motor vehicles and environmental health will contribute to the life of the project will be expressed as 100 years. One of the most important elements contributing to Marmaray is the isolation products of AB-SCHOMBURG. The materials produced by AB-SCHOMBURG prevent water leaks from damaging concrete blocks during the construction of Marmaray tunnels.


AB-SCHOMBURG Construction Chemicals Inc. Metehan Arıburnu, Technical Manager, pointed out the general waterproofing problems of the tunnels. T In all tuning tunnels and underground stations, AB-SCHOMBURG products are injected to prevent water leaks Teknik.

Arıburnu used in tunnels, indicating that there should not be water leakage from the joints of concrete blocks to form a film layer, said:

However, as in every tunnel, water leaks occur due to damage caused after the installation of concrete blocks (segments). The two-component - polyurethane-based injection resin with high mechanical properties expands by foaming as a result of the reaction that occurs when it comes into contact with water after application of ASOPUR-3GF, and forms a nonporous resin mass in places where there is no water and provides an extremely safe and permanent seal. A two-component injection resin ASOPUR-40 is used to cut the water leaking from the capillary voids and cracks in the moving areas, forming a highly elastic mass when the reaction is completed.

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