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TCDD Kutahya Investments: AK Party Deputy Kütahya Vural Kavuncu Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), saying that change with every aspect of the face, they also told us that they often use the private car instead of rail transport.

Deputy Vural Kavuncu stated that the image of TCDD was very bad with the quality of travel and the standardized tents, so that the rail transportation was not preferred by the citizens for justified reasons. In the last period, Kavuncu said that important steps were taken to break this understanding and to adopt trains as a modern means of transportation, as in developed countries, “The face of TCDD has changed in every aspect. I often prefer the train, not my private vehicle, on my trips from Ankara to Kütahya. ”

Ak Party Kütahya Deputy Vural Kavuncu gave information about construction and renovation works on Kütahya railways. Vural Kavuncu, who said that the removal of some train services in recent days has created an agenda in the public opinion of Kütahya and brought the discussions with him, “After the train journey I made last weekend, our fellow driver tradesmen at the taxi station in Kütahya Station also expressed their complaints with me. I personally saw that the fact that TCDD did not inform the public about the issue caused a rightful unease in the society. I find it useful to convey the information I received as a result of my meeting with the authorities in order to inform the public. ”

Kavuncu, before the train services passing through Kütahya; He said that he was in the form of Central Anatolia Blue Train on Haydarpaşa - Adana route, Meram Express on Haydarpaşa - Konya route, Pamukkale Express on Haydarpaşa - Denizli route, Karesi Express and İzmir Blue Train on Ankara - İzmir line and Ray-Bus DMU set on Kütahya - Ankara line. . Kavuncu explained the current situation regarding these train services passing through Kütahya and said:

The Central Anatolia Blue Train operating on the Haydarpaşa - Adana line started to operate as Arifiye - Adana as of February 1, 2012, and Konya-Adana as of February 1, 2013 due to the Ankara - Istanbul High Speed ​​Train construction works. Meram Express, which operates between Haydarpaşa and Konya, was removed from the expedition on February 1, 2012. Pamukkale Express services are not available since 2008 due to road construction works between Sandıklı and Denizli. With the completion of the road renewal works in 2013 and the start of the Eskişehir-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train, these trains are planned to start working again. I would also like to say that high speed trains and other trains use different rails and that two types of trains can travel on the same route. For example, both high-speed train and other express trains continue on the Ankara-Eskişehir line. The train services that pass through the Kütahya - Balıkesir line cannot be made from the beginning of this month due to the extensive rail and traverse concrete renovation works. The Karesi Express services that pass through Tavsanli and Balikoy are currently operating only between Izmir and Balikesir due to this road construction. İzmir Blue Train services continue their flights on the Ankara-Kütahya-Uşak-İzmir line by changing the route for the same reason. The railway renewal between Nusrat and Gökçedağ, the last stage on this route, was tendered to be completed in 200 working days. Following the completion of the works in the spring of next year, all flights will be restarted. In addition, the Kütahya - Tavsanli - Balikoy regional train, which is very important for Kutahya - Balikesir, is also started to be started again according to the passenger potential. With the start of the Eskişehir - Ankara high speed train service, the DMU set (Ray-Bus) service between Kütahya and Eskişehir continues. In May 2012, Ray-Bus Tavsanli connection was established as a result of our initiatives. Ray-Bus from Ankara goes to Tavsanli in the evening, and returns in the morning by taking the Tavsanli passengers, so that our fellow citizens from Tavsanli can go to Ankara and see their jobs and return within the same day. However, in Tavsanli line, passenger interest is low and voyages are maintained with low carrying capacity. This interest must increase for the service to continue. ”


Kavuncu stated that TCDD aims to transfer the density of highways to railroads by increasing the freight transport by 2014 percent and passenger transport by 60 percent until 25. 330 kilometers of 186 kilometers between Eskişehir and Balıkesir are located within the borders of our city. The share of this important investment amounting to TL 445 million within the borders of our city is 275 million TL. Our renewed rails and trains will provide more comfortable travel. As the cost of the electric train will decrease, the train trips will increase and the rail safety and warning system will increase the cruise safety. ”


Kavuncu, who previously stated that the quality of the trip and the toxins that have become standard, and the image of TCDD are very bad, therefore explained that rail transportation is not preferred by the citizens for justified reasons. Kavuncu stated that important steps have been taken in recent years to break this understanding and to adopt trains as a modern means of transportation, as in developed countries, “The face of TCDD has changed in all aspects. I often prefer my train, not my private car, on my trips from Ankara to Kütahya, so I can observe the problems on the spot. As our country develops, the standards of our demands increase both in terms of service and society. Our most important demand as Kütahya is to join our High Speed ​​Train network as soon as possible. Eskişehir - Antalya YHT project was prepared in 2011 to pass through Kütahya Alayunt. The realization of this project will be by creating a financial resource and including it in the investment program. Projects with high costs of HST investments, therefore, a planning is made by considering the financial discipline according to the population and passenger demand density. We also want the Eskişehir - Kütahya line to be prioritized in the first place. We express this request in writing and verbally on all platforms with all our deputy friends. It will be beneficial for the public and non-governmental organizations to keep this demand alive and voiced in various platforms in Kütahya. We have a deputy general manager in TCDD in Ankara. He had previously given messages to Kütahya about YHT. Now, rightfully, our citizens from Kütahya have had expectations from him. The data and information necessary to justify and rationalize this line are available in it. We are waiting for your contribution as a bureaucrat fellow in terms of feasibility and investment planning. ”

Source: UAV

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