TCDD workers sign collective agreement

TCDD workers signed a collective agreement: "In the process that started with the treatment of railway transportation as a state policy, today we have reached a point where the critical threshold is exceeded and our railways enter the age of fast and high-speed trains."

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Feridun Bilgin, railway transportation as a policy of the state began in the process of the critical threshold has been exceeded, the anchors of the fast and high-speed train era has reached a point, he said.

Minister Bilgin, TCDD and its Subsidiaries, Turkish Heavy Industry and Service Sector Public Employers' Union (TÜHİS) and DEMİRYOL-İŞ Union will be held at the General Directorate of TCDD. Participated in the term Collective Labor Agreement signature program.

  • Labor mileage hour compensation raised

With the contract signed with the 1th Term Collective Labor Agreement, which concerns approximately 2015 thousand 28 workers working in TCDD and its affiliates covering a two-year period between March 2017, 13 and February 700, 26, the employee kilometer hour compensation is equal to the kilometer hour compensation of the contracted personnel from 4 lira to 5,37 lira. was raised.

One thousand 203 train workers working in the institution will be paid a shift premium of 10 percent of hourly wages and labor increases for their shift working hours, and a nightly increase of 15 percent of hourly wages and labor increases for hours worked at night.

Today is a very happy day, covering the laborers in TCDD and its subsidiaries 26. Bilgin stated that the collective bargaining agreement was signed for the purpose of signing the collective bargaining agreement and wished that the collective bargaining agreement would be beneficial to the country, ministry, ironworkers, railways and workers.

Bilgin, who led the process in the collective bargaining negotiations, and contributed to the very important contributions of the Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu and the Minister of Labor and Social Security Faruk Çelik, thanks to the parties who concluded the process in a short time. The public employers said that they were sitting in favor of the workers at the table, using all the facilities as a cut.

Explaining that there are topics to be discussed and discussed in the next period, Bilgin said, “We have other issues, including our temporary workers, machinists, and our friends who started work in '93, and will be in the process. I want you to be sure that we will talk, agree, and find solutions to all these issues one by one in the coming period. Because the biggest compromise should be the development of railways, the realization of major railway projects, and the recovery of the hard work of the workers and all the staff, ”he said.

Stating that as the railways develop, the country will develop socially, economically and culturally, and the opportunities of railway workers will increase in parallel, Bilgin said, "This is exactly what has been done in the railways in recent years."

In the process, which started with the consideration of railway transportation as a state policy, Bilgin said that the critical threshold was exceeded and the anchors reached a point of rapid and high speed train age.

"Construction of high-speed and high-speed train railways, renovation of almost all of the existing railway network, making the roads signaled and electrified, laying the foundations of the domestic railway industry, establishing logistics centers, connecting the production centers to the railways of the Organized Industrial Zones, and the construction of the railways by protecting the architectural and cultural structures. and its survival is a source of joy and pride for our railways, trade unions, ministry and our nation. "

Information, workers, civil servants, trade unions and the private sector with the knowledge that this year, this year they plan to invest in railways 9 billion pounds, these investments will continue to grow in a periodical and planned manner will continue in the coming period.

Bilgin, in this big move, said that one of the most important actors of the mobilization of railways is the workers.

Following the speeches, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Bilgin, Deputy Undersecretary Şaban Atlas, Türk-İş and Demiryol-İş President Ergun Atalay, TÜHİS Deputy Secretary General Yaşar Özgürsoy and TCDD General Manager Ömer Yıldız 26. Term Collective Bargaining Agreement was signed.

Later, TCDD General Manager Yıldız; Minister Bilgin presented Atalay and Özgürsoy with a new high-speed train set model.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Manager Omar Stars, high-speed, next-generation diesel, the design and engineering of new generation electric train sets to be produced with local technology made in Turkey reported that the continued rapid work.

The signature program of the 26th Term Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Turkish Heavy Industry and Service Sector Public Employers Union (TÜHİS) and the Demiryol-İş Union was held with the participation of the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Feridun Bilgin.

Yildiz said that they were happy that the talks were conducted within the consensus and common sense culture that has been traditional for the 60 years.

13 covering the period between 700 01 2015 and 28 2017 26 and XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX in subsidiaries and affiliates. He said that through the Collective Labor Agreement, workers are provided with wage increases as well as improvements in their financial and social rights.

Stating that the protection of the employee's right and the law is one of the most important conditions of efficient production and quality service, Yıldız stated that the labor of the employees who give labor to the institution has always paid off.

Yıldız emphasized that this synergy is reflected in the production and service areas of the railways positively.

“The railwaymen are working day and night to spread the high-speed and high-speed train lines to our other provinces. The lines, which have not been touched for 100 years, are being renewed, electrified and signaled. While the railway infrastructure was brought to world standards, the advanced railway industry kazanSignificant steps are being taken to improve it. Important decisions are taken and implemented for the creation of our own industrial ecosystem and the development of the railway sub-industry by increasing the locality rates. The design and engineering of new generation freight wagons is being carried out in our country, and studies are continuing rapidly to design and engineer high-speed, new generation diesel and new generation electric train sets in our country and to produce them with domestic technology.”

- "We do not have 4 people in the Parliament"

Turkey Confederation of Trade Unions (TURK-IS) President Ergun Atalay institution, embraced for many years the worker to the officer stating that a giant organization, the whole year of working temporary workers in certain periods of the year they continue negotiations for him to work and said they had agreed.

Atalay stated that he could not use social media to explain the troubles of temporary team workers and that they would open a website for them and establish the “Temporary Team Workers Association”.

Atalay, who drew attention to the elections to be held on Sunday, said:

“Minimum wage negotiations have been held for 40 years. I have chaired most of it. 25 governments came and went. Those who do not pay 3-5 liras at the table say 'I will make 5 thousand, 2 thousand, thousand 500'. I am happy about this. As workers, we are 23 million. When we gather our spouse, our children, we are 50 million. We do not have 4 people in the Parliament. What would happen if two people wearing overalls were in Parliament? What would have happened if our two friends who were farmers were in the Parliament, if they told about our troubles and troubles, but I do not blame politicians. We, who are responsible for this, are the heads of the mass organization. People at the head of mass organizations have to be transparent. 40 governments came in 25 years, we got the best minimum wage in Erbakan time, I am saying that he was not alive. I hope that those who run the country will give both the retired and the employee their rights. We have friends who are at the key point in particular and have no problem with election. They have trouble giving 3 cents to the workers, as if you take their life out, they don't have an egg pan on their backs. Therefore, these must be intervened. Politics should not give them an opportunity. "

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