Channel Istanbul Road and Railway to be Applied to Budapest Model (PHOTO-GALLERY)

For the Istanbul Highway and Railway, the Budapest Model will be Implemented: At least the 5.5 bridge is planned to be constructed within the scope of the Kanal Istanbul project where the YPK will provide a visa for the construction works for which 8 billion TL will be allocated. Istanbul 's Bosphorus and Silivri between the' overlap 'with the 5 highway transport of the railway is on the agenda.

Habertürk, Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan's High Planning Board (YPK) announced that the exit from the 'Channel Istanbul construction work to be tender details reached. Within the scope of construction works calculated as 5.5 billion TL, it is planned to displace at least 5 highway, highway and railway (which will 'overlap' with Kanal Istanbul) between Istanbul Strait and Silivri on the east-west axis. Sources of the Ministry of Transport said, edil For example TEM, D-100 will be displaced. Ulaştırma At least 8 is planned to be built on 11 bridge.

In line with the decision of the National Security Council, the General Directorate of Highways, highway and highway to be constructed with the bridge began work on the project. Ministry of Transport sources said that they could make a piece piece for the 5.5 billion TL project. The construction works for which the YPK has issued visas for the tender constitute the side elements of Kanal Istanbul. The YPK is expected to take a new decision directly on Kanal Istanbul.

Budapest model to be applied

The channel is becoming concrete in Istanbul, the capital of Hungary, for Budapest. Between the two sides of the city on the way to the Danube River bridges. Kanal Istanbul will be the 56 mile from end to end. At least 8 and 11 bridge are planned to be built on the channel.

Cut 'V' format to be built

The evaluations of the form of the Canal Istanbul have been completed to a large extent. The draft Canal Istanbul, prepared by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, will be constructed in the form of a truncated 'V' letter. The width of the lower part of the 100 meter, the distance between the two ends of the letter V can reach up to 520 meters. The depth of the channel will be 20 meters. Authorities said there would be a certain area of ​​the canal on both sides of the canal.

Source: HaberTürk

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