Kahramanmaras Municipality prepares for transportation to Trolleybus

📩 27/11/2018 16:06

Kahramanmaras Municipality prepares for transportation to Trolleybus
Kahramanmaras Municipality, which produces electricity from Karasu, is preparing for the electricity transportation of Trolleybus.

As a first step, Doğukent, Sanayi, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Boulevard, Trabzon Street, Şekerdere, Yatılıbölge, Binevler, Courthouse and KSÜ Avşar Campus will start flights between.

Kahramanmaras Mayor Mustafa Poyraz: City mereke trail in the trolleybus (electric bus) trolleybus lines for the establishment of the company's officials began negotiations with the said.

The members of the press, the heads of non-governmental organizations, by introducing the system with our people, after making interviews, they decided that they will see it as a very profitable investment because the municipality of Kahramanmaras is a power generating municipality. V For convenience, it was a legal obligation.

Poyroz stated that the public transportation vehicles should be low-based and said that public transportation vehicles which are not for the elderly and disabled people and have no environmentalist features can not be used in the future.

Poyraz, for these reasons in the city instead of buses instead of buses to troleybüse said, said: Our friends brought videos of the work they have done a review. The second line for the trolleybus is from Karacasu, from the City Center to the Tekerek road, to the University and to the Kavlaklı Organized Industrial Zone. ..

We are negotiating with all the companies in the field of trolleybus and we will make the right investment. Üs

The establishment of trolleybus lines in Kahramanmaraş in Kahramanmaraş, Kahramanmaraş, will be an investment that we will see as an example not only for us, but also from the neighboring provinces.

As do the production abroad, Turkey has made the production of domestic firms, even Kütühy Municipality President underlined that produce their own trolley Poyraz .., "a contemporary service, will be a great solution for transportation," he said ..

Source : http://www.kahramanmarasgazetesi.com.tr

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