Babadağ Ropeway Project to be implemented

📩 27/11/2018 15:52

Babadağ Ropeway Project to be implemented
The Chamber Assembly President Mustafa Büyükteke, who is a candidate for presidency in the elections of Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry, together with his group friends 20 and 21. term visited the representative of Muğla Hasan Özyer.

  1. Mr. Hasan Özyer, the deputy from Muğla, said that Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a strong non-governmental organization. Because the investments to be made have to be followed. It is important to solve all the problems of the tradesmen, to inform the tradesmen in every subject and to support the investments to be made here. Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry accordingly is the strongest non-governmental organization after political parties. It's nice to have a competition in such an election. Improves service quality. Those who are chosen make an effort to be more successful. We are always ready to support as much as we can. We were born, grew up in this region, we live. Hopefully it will be better, İn he said.

Hasan Özyer said that the selection was a matter of work and the trust of tradesmen. Iler Winning friends have shown their endeavors to date. I thank all of them. I hope it's a good choice after that. I wish success to friends who will win. I'll always help if anything falls on us. Bize

Özyer argues that although the region's first priority seems to be agriculture, Fethiye has a high tourism potential. Orum In Babadağ I think that the construction of the ropeway project, the realization of the day-to-day facilities will bring a serious activity to the region. Our wish is to implement the ropeway project as soon as possible, as well as other projects, berths, several marinas to be built, large ports for cruiser tourism, ie all of these projects will develop Fethiye. There is a need for investments to extend the tourism season. It would have been nice to have a ski resort, but not a full improvement. A few accommodation facilities need to be built in Erendağ. I hope this is done. The development in Fethiye is not bad. The work of the municipality is fine. Everything that needs to be done is done one by one. I see that too. The need for support in all matters. Our mayor works. I thank all of them. Nice work going on in Fethiye. We need to speed them up. Metropolitan issue is not fully clarified. But I think that if some of Ankara's powers are transferred, Metropolitan will be useful. In other words, decentralization, solving problems on the spot, I think the development will be faster if the city is given these powers. The development and use of the big city in some important provinces is fast, and in others it is slow. A little enthusiasm, ambition, skills, depending on the team selected in a few jobs. Hopefully a good team will come. Muğla'yı more quickly develops hızlı he said.

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