34 Istanbul

Explosion on the Metrobus Road

In Bakırköy, there was an explosion on the metrobus road during the action of the group, including Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) MPs, who went on hunger strike in the prison. Police, explosion [more…]

34 Istanbul

Marmaray project insured

Marmaray project insured: Marsh Turkey insured the Marmaray Project. Marsh Turkey CEO Mert Yücesan said that insuring a project built right next to a fault line like Marmaray [more…]

34 Istanbul

City thug destroyed metrobus

The city bandits, who attacked the metrobus departing from the stop at Halıcıoğlu at the Golden Horn exit, started attacking the vehicle and threw a sound bomb. The windows of the vehicle were broken and the passengers panicked. metrobus road [more…]


Fast train in Turkey

TCDD started the construction of the high-speed train rail line between Ankara and Eskişehir provinces in 2003. Trial flights started on 23 April 2007, and the first flight took place on 13 March 2009. [more…]