Horozköy People Reached Railway Overpass (Photo Gallery)

Horozköy People have a railway overpass
The Municipality of Manisa completed the construction of the overpass in the districts of Horozköy after Akpınar and Nurlupınar neighborhoods, which are the railroads passing through.

Mayor Cengiz Ergun, Horozköy District completed the construction of the railway overpass found. Mayor Ergün was accompanied by the Deputy Mayors, Architect Azmi Açıkdil and Cem Çöllü and Park Garden Manager Serpil Çakır. Akpınar passing through the railway line, Nurlupinar and Horozköy Mahallesi residents reminded that they had promised to make the overpass President Ergun, the General Directorate of State Railways said they had implemented the project. In recent years in the neighborhoods of the overpass occurred due to the lack of overpass railway accidents, President Ergun, the overpasses of the people of the neighborhood hoped to be beneficial.

As the Municipality of Manisa, the General Directorate of State Railways is obliged to implement the projects stating that President Ergun, Başkan An important issue that I want to attract the attention of our people is not to be made overpasses. It should not be considered as iron-on overpasses. These are completely as requested by the law, the General Directorate of State Railways, such as distance, length, material, such as on the desired. We only applied the projects properly. Biz


President Ergün said that the works were completed after the overpasses were erected. We made the first service in the neighborhood of Akpınar. The second one was in Nurlupınar neighborhood. Finally, we completed the works in Horozköy Neighborhood. In order to be remarkable, we have painted all overpasses in turquoise. We want to know that these three overpasses are for preventing the use of railways. We ask our citizens to be sensitive about this issue and we want them to be sensitive to overpass use. We do not want any loss of life on this route. The important thing for us is the safety of our people. I wish the overpasses would be beneficial to our neighborhood people. Üst

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