wuhandan set off the first block freight train to france
33 France

First Block Freight Train Departs from Wuhan to France

GEFCO, a leading carrier in automotive logistics, took the necessary precautions for the safety of one of the first block freight trains to travel from Wuhan, China to France after the COVID-19 global crisis, and ensured the transportation of 500-ton important automotive spare parts. To the railway in china [more…]

airbus will work with gefco
33 France

Airbus to work with GEFCO

Airbus Will Work With GEFCO; GEFCO, the world leader in multimodal supply chain solutions, signed an agreement with Airbus, the world leader in the aviation industry, to support the transition to a cleaner and environmentally friendly supply chain. Over 30 years [more…]


GEFCO opens the Çayırova warehouse

GEFCO opened the store Çayırova: continued progress in Turkey and growth GEFCO Turkey established on 10 thousand square meters Çayırova opened the store. GEFCO growth continued progress in Turkey and Turkey established on 10 thousand square meters of warehouse space Çayırova [more…]

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