Cekirge Terrace Project Restores Its Old Value to Cekirge Kazanwill bark

Cekirge Terrace Project Restores Old Value to Cekirge Kazanwill resist
Cekirge Terrace Project Restores Its Old Value to Cekirge Kazanwill bark

Cekirge Terrace Project, which Bursa Metropolitan Municipality will implement in the area where the additional buildings of the Çelik Palas Hotel, which has been idle for more than 30 years, are located, will bring its old value back to Çekirge, one of the most prestigious areas of the city. kazanwill yell. The project, in which the building density has been reduced by 50 percent and the landscape area has been increased by 41 percent, will breathe life into the region.

The Celik Palas Hotel, which was designed by the Italian architect Giulio Mongeri in 1930 and started to serve in 1935, has always preserved its place among the most prestigious hotels in the city. Due to high demand, the second block of the hotel was built between 1945-1950 during the Governor Haşim İşcan period. The hotel has 160 rooms, 10 of which are double rooms, 3 suites and 173 king; Swedish Crown Prince Gustaf Sixth Adolf, Jordan Melik Abdullah, King of Italy Umberto, King of Iraq Faisal, Shah of Iran Reza Pahlavi, Federal President of Germany Theodor Heuss, King of Libya Mohammed Idris al-Mahdi al-Sunusi, President of Pakistan Ziya Ul-Haq and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus It hosted names such as President Rauf Denktaş. Due to the problems experienced in the business, the hotel was purchased by the Pension Fund in 1962. In order to increase the hotel capacity, the 'New Steel Palace Hotel' project was prepared in 1988 and its construction started. The new hotel block was planned to have 4 rooms, 286 of which are king suites, and a capacity of 572 beds, ball and show halls, and 2 helipads, but the project stopped before the construction could be completed for various reasons. The area where the annex buildings, which have been standing as a pile of concrete in ruins on the most prestigious street of the city for years, are located. kazanMetropolitan Municipality stepped in in 2019.

Construction intensity has been reduced

Within the scope of the project, which was implemented with the support of the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, the process was completed in the area where demolition started in August 2020 with a ceremony attended by the Minister Murat Kurum. While the parts of the building that adversely affected the city silhouette were demolished, the performance analyzes of the remaining structures were made. A privileged project has been prepared for the region in order to bring the region back to its old days socially and culturally. The construction area, which was 86 thousand 150 square meters in the prepared project, was reduced by 55 percent to 39 thousand 157 square meters. The landscaping area, which is currently 22 thousand 170 square meters, was increased by 41 percent to 31 thousand 370 square meters.

A full social living space

It is planned that the remaining structures after the demolition will serve as a social and cultural facility that can adapt to the technological developments of the day needed in Bursa. The remaining structure was designed to comply with the 'Green Certificate' criteria set by the ministry for buildings. In the project, a library, modern art center, shared offices, e-sports competitions will be held and training will be provided for adults, youth and children, which will allow the use of young people between the ages of 15-30. youtubeThere will be a digital youth center where there will be digital studios and a smart urbanism and innovation center for people.

The project, which includes areas where artistic and cultural activities can be exhibited both on a workshop and on stage basis, will also include a life-long health center for women, multi-purpose halls and a movie theater, restaurants and cafes, a parking lot for 215 cars, walking paths, terraces and children's playgrounds. In the project, which is designed as a full social living area, the 31 thousand 370 square meters area outside the building will serve the people of Bursa as inner roads and a national garden.

It will add value to Bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who stated that they saved Bursa one by one from negative images and structures, said that the demolition works in the Grasshopper Terrace Project were completed and the implementation of the new project would begin in a short time. With this project, Bursa is once again a privileged place. kazanNoting that he would have lost his mind, Mayor Aktaş said, “Bursa's most prestigious district is getting rid of this bad image that has been standing for years. Here was a building that has not been used for 30 years, is idle and is under construction. Now, spaces will be created within the Çekirge Terrace Project, where young people will enjoy it to the fullest. When the project is finished, the region will give life to Bursa. It will serve as a social life space for Bursa residents, especially young people. Cekirge Terrace, in advance, good luck to our Bursa, "he said.

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