Visually Impaired Canoeers Gained the Greatest Attention at the Gulf Festival

Visually Impaired Canoeers Got The Biggest Attention At The Bay Festival
Visually Impaired Canoeers Gained the Greatest Attention at the Gulf Festival

In the Gulf Festival, organized for the fifth time this year by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the visually impaired canoeists, who started with the guides, received the greatest attention.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, acting with the aim of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer to spread sports to all segments of the society and especially to enable the disabled to do sports, organized canoe races for the visually impaired at the Gulf Festival, which was held for the fifth time this year.

İzmir Bay witnessed the races of sailors and athletes dancing with the wind in the three-day event, while the visually impaired canoe competitions, which were held for the first time, also attracted great attention. The visually impaired canoeists, who started on the track between Passport Pier and Konak Pier with the guide behind them, successfully completed the 200-meter race. While the coaches became the "eyes of the sea", the visually impaired athletes experienced the excitement of competing in such a large organization for the first time.

Hakan Orhunbilge, Head of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Services Department, stated that they will now carry the Gulf Festival, which is combined with the July 1 Cabotage Festival, to an international dimension and said, “Our Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Mr. Tunç Soyer, has a request in this direction. We will start preparations early and face the people of Izmir with a much bigger organization.” Orhunbilge, who stated that visually impaired canoe races attracted great attention, said, "We will also expand the visually impaired canoe races we organized for the first time and the highly acclaimed command boat races."

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