The First Play of the Young Izmir Theater Group on Stage

The First Play of the Genc Izmir Theater Group is on Stage
The First Play of the Young Izmir Theater Group on Stage

The Young Izmir unit, which was established in line with the youth-oriented city vision of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, also opens up space for young people in art. 30 young people, who had a stage experience in the first play of the Young Izmir Theater Group, had emotional moments in the face of the intense interest of the people of Izmir.

“Young İzmir Theater Group”, which was established under the umbrella of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Young İzmir unit, staged its first play. With the play Artiz Mektebi directed by Vedat Murat Güzel, the young people experienced the excitement of taking the stage. 30 young people took the stage in the play directed by Vedat Murat Güzel, written by Müjdat Gezen and staged at İzmir Art Center.

Youth Studies and Social Projects Branch Manager Burcu Önenç, who presented the young people with certificates of appreciation at the end of the play, which attracted great interest from the people of Izmir, stated that the aim of the theater is to educate the hearts, and thanked the play director, Village Theaters Coordinator and director Vedat Güzel, and the young people for the work they have done in the center and districts throughout the year. congratulated. Vedat Güzel, on the other hand, reminded the words of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, "There is no dirt in the hands that touch art," and stated that theater is an important tool for reaching different segments of the society, and said, "After Village Theatre, Women's Theater and Children's Theatre, young people now have a theatre. We will reach more young people with Young İzmir”.

To join

Nearly 2021 young people participated in the workshops of the Young İzmir Theater Group, which was established in November 100 at the Historical Coal Gas Factory Youth Campus. During the youth festivals held throughout the year, improvisational theater and pantomime were also performed, enabling young people and children to meet with theater. Young people voluntarily took part in many organizations, especially the Izmir Youth Festival and Bergama Theater Festival.

You can become a member of the Young Izmir platform, which is used by young people between the ages of 15-30, at and benefit from courses, workshops and social activities free of charge.

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