Bursa Metropolitan Municipality President's Cup BUSKI Information Processing

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Presidential Cup BUSKI Information Process
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality President's Cup BUSKI Information Processing

Organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to strengthen internal communication, the '7. The President's Cup' football tournament came to an end after fierce struggles. In the final of the tournament, in which 57 teams and 624 personnel participated, BUSKİ Bilgi Islem won the cup.

Continuing its activities in many areas from infrastructure to superstructure in Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality also continues its social activities in order to increase the motivation of the personnel. In this context, the '16. President Cup' football tournament was held. In the tournament held at the Aticilar Sports Facilities with the participation of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and all its affiliates, 05 teams competed fiercely. While a total of 7 personnel participated in the tournament, 52 football matches were played. In the final of the tournament; BUSKI Data Processing, which defeated BUSKI Electricity, Machinery, Material Supply Department, became the winner of the cup. While the third place in the tournament was obtained by the Constabulary 624, Tulumbacılar 160 became the fourth. Parks and Gardens Branch Directorate was chosen as the most gentlemanly team of the tournament. In addition to the cup and medal, the champion team was presented with a gift certificate of 2 thousand TL, the second place with a cup and medal, 1714 thousand TL, the third place with a cup and medal, 12 thousand TL, and the fourth and the most gentleman team were presented with a gift certificate of 9 thousand TL. .

To the trophy ceremony held at the end of the tournament; Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, Secretary General Ulaş Akhan, BUSKİ General Manager Güngör Gülenç, heads of departments, corporate supervisors and personnel attended.

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said that they work with the Metropolitan Municipality staff with an intense effort 365/7, 24 days a year, to make the city more beautiful and livable. Noting that each and every one of the 13 thousand personnel put their sweat and effort in the services, President Alinur Aktaş said, “We have a nice team. Despite all the difficulties experienced in the world, as Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, we have accomplished good works. We organize such activities in order to increase communication, motivation, trust and efficiency among our personnel. We will continue to serve the people of Bursa and be at their disposal. I would like to thank you for the effort we put into contacting the institution with every point and cell of the city. I congratulate all our staff who participated in the tournament.”

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