Hair Transplant Prices

Hair Transplant Prices

We are talking with Yusuf Keri, the founder of the Mac Beau aesthetic application center, one of the biggest clinics in Turkey with thousands of references, and the aesthetic applications and hair transplant prices that have proven himself in hair transplant practices. in the whole world [more…]

ibb nature camp registration continues
34 Istanbul

İBB Nature Camp Registrations Continue

Organized by IMM for children aged 9-15, the Nature Camp continues with many exciting, fun and educational activities. The camp, where registrations were taken for the fifth week activities, will be held on August 30, Victory Day. [more…]

forest fires in marmaris and manavgat viewed from space
07 Antalya

Forest Fires in Marmaris and Manavgat Viewed From Space

Göktürk-1 and Göktürk-2 satellites captured forest fires in Turkey from space. In the statement made by the Ministry of National Defense, it was said: "Our high-resolution domestic reconnaissance satellites Göktürk-1 and Göktürk-2, which are our eyes in space, are in firefighting activities. [more…]

Caution While Having Lip Filling

Caution When Getting Lip Filling!

Ear Nose and Throat Specialist Op. Dr. Mehmet Sucubaşı gave information about the subject. Women's understanding of beauty has gained differences over time. Different lip models at different times coincide with the perception of beauty. thin in the past [more…]

protection shield for the forests of izmir
35 Izmir

Protection Shield for İzmir's Forests

After the ban on entry to forest areas brought by the Izmir Governor's Office due to forest fires that broke out one after another throughout the country, the municipal police personnel of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started inspections in these regions. Critical points drone [more…]

Kemerburgaz Urban Forest will be open throughout August
34 Istanbul

Kemerburgaz Urban Forest Will Be Open During August

After the fires that broke out at 13 different points in 20 cities in our country, a statement came from the governor's office about the forests in Istanbul. According to the decision of the Governorship of Istanbul dated 30 July 2021 and numbered 2021/1, the supervision of the authorized administrations in our province [more…]