decorative led lighting products

Decorative LED Lighting Products

With our ProfilistLed company, we apply a perfect service understanding to you in this field. Since 2016, it has been providing services within the lighting category. With its experience in the lighting sector, it is an innovative company in this field. [more…]

The water problem of the Bornova Bays has been resolved
35 Izmir

Water Problem of Bornova Villages Solved

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality completed the construction of the drinking water treatment plant established in Karaçam Pond in Bornova. Thus, 5 neighborhoods fed by well waters got healthy and uninterrupted drinking water. İZSU General Directorate, Bornova [more…]

support stray animals in the summer heat

Support for Stray Animals in Summer Heat

Limak Energy continues to touch the lives of street animals. Street animals are not forgotten in the summer heat as part of the 'Our Love, Our Energy is with You' project that the company started two years ago. The company is struggling to find food and water. [more…]