Silk Road titanosaur fossils discovered in Xinjiang
86 China

Silk Road Titanosaur Fossils Discovered in Xinjiang

Chinese researchers have discovered for the first time fossils of large giant dinosaurs in the Hami (Dune) pterosaur fauna of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The article on the subject has been published in Scientific Reports, an international academic publication affiliated with the journal Nature. [more…]

annual tradition urla vintage events
35 Izmir

2600 Years of Tradition, Urla Vintage Events

The International Urla Vintage Festival, which witnessed 2600 years ago, was celebrated with an event held in our district this year. Due to the natural disasters and the pandemic process that occurred in our country, various activities were carried out in this year's event. [more…]

foods that are good for headaches

What Foods Are Good For Headaches?

Dr.Sıla Gürel gave important information about the subject. Generally, all people have experienced a headache at some point in their lives, even if it is only once. Depending on the severity of the headache, it can affect the quality of life of the person. Severe [more…]

joint cleaning operation on the streets and avenues of odemis
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Joint Cleaning Operation in the Avenues and Streets of Ödemiş

The work, which was organized with the participation of the female cleaning workers of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, started in the streets and streets in different parts of the city in the early hours. With the collective sweeping work carried out under the coordination of the Ödemiş Municipality Cleaning Affairs Directorate, the streets [more…]