If you are too nervous, beware, experts warn

Beware If You're Too Nervous, Experts Warn

Neck hernias, which darken the lives of millions of people, can give different symptoms. Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Associate Professor Ahmet İnanır gave important information on the subject. Neck hernia is located in the middle of the cartilage disc between the vertebrae. [more…]

Damage assessment studies in the flood area have been completed
37 Kastamonu

Damage Assessment Works in the Flood Area Completed

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization has completed the determination of the damaged structures in Kastamonu, Bartın and Sinop, which were affected by the floods. General Manager of Construction Works Aslan, in his statement, stated that the damage assessment studies carried out in the flood area [more…]

ibb whatsapp line is in service
34 Istanbul

IMM Whatsapp Line is in Service

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) was the first municipality to open an official Whatsapp line in Turkey. Citizens' requests, complaints and suggestions are easily conveyed to the authorized units via the official Whatsapp line. Live support team of tens of people [more…]

sma is a treatable and preventable disease

SMA is a Treatable and Preventable Disease

In order to draw attention to rare diseases, the Nadir-X project, which transforms the rare aspects of children with rare diseases into a strong feature and makes them the protagonists of the stories, continues with the unconditional support of GEN. second line [more…]

loosening of rules increased colds in summer

Relaxation of Rules Increases Colds in Summer

Today, the slightest cough and symptoms of weakness immediately come to mind with COVID-19. Anadolu Healthcare states that there has been an increase in the number of applications to the doctor due to cough, mild fever, sneezing, nasal and post-nasal drip in the recent period. [more…]

The harms of using antidepressants on your own

The Harms of Using Antidepressants on Our Own

Negative events such as epidemics, fires and floods that we have experienced one after another have deeply affected all of us. Some of those who wanted to get away from the stress and anxiety they experienced turned to antidepressant use. Antidepressants used without expert advice, psychologically devastating effects [more…]

water sports excitement begins in istanbul
34 Istanbul

Water Sports Excitement Begins in Istanbul

İBB subsidiary SPOR ISTANBUL is preparing activities that will bring coolness to hot summer days. It organizes 'Istanbul Water Sports Days' at 5 different points in the city. The event, which will witness exciting competitions in 9 different branches, 27-30 [more…]

citroen e jumpy wins compact lcv award
33 France

Citroen e-Jumpy 2021 Compact RSVP Award

Offering modern, technological and cost-effective mobility solutions suitable for everyone's needs, Citroën has added a new one to its successes. The Citroën ë-Jumpy model first achieved its success by receiving the "Commercial Vehicle of the Year 2021" award. [more…]

Details of pubg mobile team up event shared

Details of PUBG Mobile Team Up Event Shared

PUBG MOBILE Team Up Challenge 70 tournament, attended by celebrities and more than 2021 influencers around the world, is starting. Hadise, one of the most popular names in Turkish pop music, will lead our teams that participated in the tournament representing our country. [more…]

mercedes benz mar concept is now in izmir
35 Izmir

Mercedes-Benz MAR 2020 Concept Now in Izmir

Mengerler Egemer, which started to serve as the first Mercedes-Benz Authorized Sales and Service Dealer in Izmir in 1968, opened its new showroom in Gaziemir, which was designed in accordance with the concept that emerged in the Mercedes-Benz world under the name MAR 2020. [more…]

The last connection road to etimesgut traffic has been opened to traffic
06 Ankara

End Etimesgut's Traffic Ordeal: Connection Road Opened to Traffic

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which has signed projects that expand the transportation network and prioritize life safety in the capital, continues its transportation attack. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has started working at the points where traffic problems have been experienced for years, has finally been determined by the Etimesgut district. [more…]