devegecidi picnic area is being renovated
21 Diyarbakir

Diyarbakir Devegeçidi Picnic Area Renovation

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality is renewing the Devegeçidi Picnic area on the Elazığ road. The Metropolitan Municipality has created green areas in order to enable the people of Diyarbakır to have a pleasant time with their families and to create a recreation area. [more…]

Iettde woman driver is still behind the wheel
34 Istanbul

25 More Female Drivers at IETT

President Ekrem İmamoğluRealizing the promise of "Women will have a say in the city and the administration", IETT opened an exam for the recruitment of female drivers for the third time. A transparent application process [more…]

dhl express turkey top level assignment
34 Istanbul

Senior Assignment at DHL Express Turkey

Efe Başaran took over the position of Deputy General Manager of Sales of DHL Express Turkey, the founder of international fast air transportation in Turkey. With the promotion of Mustafa Tonguç to the CEO of DHL Express Türkiye [more…]

Things to know about hair transplant

Things to Know About Hair Transplantation

Medical Director of the Hair Transplantation Center from Çakmak Erdem Hospital, Specialist. Dr. Burak Kılıç provides information on the subject for those who want to have a hair transplantation procedure but have question marks in their minds. [more…]

wristband designed to prevent hand tremor

Wristband that Prevents Shaking Hand Designed

ALEA, the entrepreneurial company of Üsküdar University BrainPark Incubation Center, started to produce wearable technology products. ALEA company, established at the BrainPark Incubation Center operating within Üsküdar University, produces wearable products. [more…]