Konya Metropolitan's Bicycle Applications are Explained to the World

Konya metropolitan's cycling practices are being explained to the world
Konya metropolitan's cycling practices are being explained to the world

In Konya, Turkey's bicycle city, the bicycle transportation practices of the Metropolitan Municipality are explained to the world.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, which has pioneered and exemplary works for Turkey in bicycle transportation, attended the Transportation Practitioners Meeting, which was held for the 19th time this year by PTRC Education and Research Services, which is a part of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in London. In the meeting, which took place online, the bicycle applications of the Metropolitan Municipality were appreciated.

In the presentation made by Hasan Görgülü, Head of Transportation Department of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, while giving information about “Konya Metropolitan Municipality Bicycle Transportation Applications”; Konya Bicycle Master Plan, the place of sustainable transportation in corporate structuring, 550 kilometers of bicycle paths, bicycle bridges, bicycle repair stations, Smart Cycling Transport System mobile application, traffic lights for cyclists, double-deck bicycle parks, bicycle waiting stations, bicycle tram, bicycle transportable buses , bicycle empathy training, bicycle lanes inspection team, World Cycling Day activities, dialogue and joint studies with non-governmental organizations operating in the field of bicycles were explained.

2 different presentations were made over 108 days at the meeting, in which academics and practitioners from different countries of the world participated and only Konya Metropolitan Municipality from Turkey took part.



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