Hair Transplant Prices

Hair Transplant Prices
Hair Transplant Prices

We are talking about aesthetic applications and hair transplant prices with Yusuf Keri, the founder of Mac Beau aesthetic application center, one of the biggest clinics in Turkey with thousands of references, which has proven itself in hair transplantation applications, which is one of the most important aesthetic applications that have come a long way with the contribution of advanced technologies all over the world.

How Popular Is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation applications are a very popular application considering the whole of aesthetic applications. Due to the high demand, the increase in hair transplantation centers is also quite remarkable and has brought with it the opportunity to receive service from hundreds of centers. One of the biggest factors that cause hair transplantation to be so popular is; It is the use of grafts taken from the body by many methods, that is, the transplantation of non-artificial hair in the body without the use of chemicals. Since hair transplantation applications have become popular due to the increase in hair loss, which has been seen all over the world in recent years, with the developing technology, it can be performed as soon as the thinning occurs without shedding in the hair.

What Affects Hair Transplant Prices?

In general, when choosing services or products as a society, it is necessary to choose the more suitable ones at the price point, while evaluating the prices of hair transplantation, not only centers with affordable prices, but also centers with high references and ahead of their competitors in terms of customer satisfaction and hygiene should be preferred. While researching hair transplant prices, it is necessary to consider the fact that a few details such as the references of the centers, the number of specialists, and the previous transplant pictures will affect the lifetime profile of this procedure. Because, like aesthetic operations, once the hair transplant operation is performed, if the result is bad, the job will be more difficult in the next revision applications. The decrease in the efficiency of the donor area and bad hair removal will prevent the person from getting the desired efficiency. Therefore, people who will have hair transplantation for the first time should research this issue well and choose brands that will stand behind their work after the operation.

Is Hair Transplantation Expensive?

Although hair transplantation is seen as an aesthetic application, considering the way the procedure is performed, it is actually a surgical procedure. For this reason, hair transplant prices and hair transplant center researches vary according to the location of the center, the hospital where it works, the experience of the team, the accommodation centers it hosts, the content of the service and the success of hair transplantation. It will be more expensive with a company that is in the center of the city and works with good hospitals than a company that is almost outside the city. The main purpose here is to get quality service and to be able to stay in the center of Istanbul, to buy everything properly and meticulously.

What is the Effect of the Method on Hair Transplant Prices?

We can say that the methods used in hair transplantation applications are one of the factors that directly affect the cost. We; We perform hair transplantation operations with FUE hair transplantation and DHI unshaven hair transplantation methods. Of course, although we use FUE as the main method; There are also items that directly affect the cost during the planting process. The sapphire tips we use while performing hair transplantation with the sapphire technique ensure that the incisions are smaller, our needle-free anesthesia application ensures that the pain is minimized during local anesthesia. All these transactions naturally affect the costs directly.

The essence of the word; Even between two different centers using the same techniques, it should be taken into account that the material used directly affects the costs. It should not be forgotten how important are the recovery time, pain sensation and the quality of the materials to be used while performing the hair transplant process.

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