green mobilization to protect forests in izmir
35 Izmir

Green Mobilization to Protect Forests in İzmir

Two years have passed since the great forest fire that burned Izmir's lungs. Minister Tunç SoyerWithin the framework of 's vision of creating resilient cities, it was launched to heal the wounds immediately after the fire, to protect and develop the forests of the city. [more…]

foods that protect the liver

Foods that Protect the Liver

In the absence or loss of function of the liver, its functions can be maintained for a short time with dialysis. But in the long-term absence of liver function, there is no way to compensate. Dr. Fevzi Özgönül, 'The liver, one of the largest organs, together with the nutrients [more…]

summer special red meat dish recipe

3 Summer Special Red Meat Recipes

Protein-rich red meat should be consumed in all seasons and should be on the table. Consumption of protein-rich foods gains importance in the summer season, where energy is highly needed due to the effect of the weather. Packed red [more…]

meteksa's evil eye system at idef fair
06 Ankara

Meteksan's NAZAR System at IDEF'21 Fair

Electro-optical (EO) and Infrared (IR) guided missiles are increasingly becoming a threat to military bases, ammunition depots and civilian strategic facilities due to developing technologies. On the one hand, missile technologies are rapidly [more…]

permanent solution to hair problems

Permanent Solution to Hair Problems

Hair loss, which is generally known as a men's problem, can also be seen frequently in women after childbirth, due to iron deficiency, hormonal or genetic reasons. The rapidly developing technology also helps in hair loss. Developing [more…]

free parking lots made buca traffic breathe
35 Izmir

Free Parking Lots Breathe Buca Traffic

Buca Municipality, which works to ease the traffic by putting an end to the parking problem in Buca, has accelerated its free parking projects. Within the scope of the works to prevent the random car park between the streets, a total of 17 vehicles [more…]

redbull car park drift excitement in bursa
16 Bursa

RedBull Car Park Drift Excitement in Bursa

Under the coordination of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Services Department and RedBull, with the contribution of TOSFED, the 2021th race of the RedBull Car Park Drift 7 season with the participation of 20 faster racers is on Sunday, 29 August. [more…]