the stars of drift took the stage in bursa
16 Bursa

Driftin Stars Performed in Bursa

Developing projects in many fields from culture to art in Bursa, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality continues to contribute to important events. TOSFED under the coordination of Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Services Department and Redbull [more…]

Families should approach with empathy in adapting to school

Families Should Approach with Empathy in Adapting to School

Children may experience adaptation problems in the transition from the comfortable environment on vacation to the school environment with discipline and rules. Experts, who stated that families should talk to their children and listen to their problems, stated that the process of producing solutions for existing problems [more…]

Demand for private jets increased by percent

Demand for Private Jets Increased 400 Percent

The coronavirus epidemic, which affected the whole world, caused changes in many sectors. In particular, the closing of the doors of countries in the early days of the epidemic brought the movement in the aviation sector to a standstill. Opening of border gates [more…]

the monument of atatürk was restored after a year
06 Ankara

Ulus Atatürk Monument Restored After 94 Years

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to protect the historical and cultural values ​​of the Capital. "Ulus Atatürk", which has been worn out for years with the cooperation of the Department of Cultural and Natural Heritage and the Anatolian Organized Industrial Zone. [more…]

America Shopping
Guest Post

Shopping from the USA

Americasepetim, which is a very popular name within the scope of its services and is known as a big difference in all activities in its sector, also provides all the necessary comfort for you. So shopping abroad [more…]

hosted the asti graffiti festival
06 Ankara

AŞTİ Hosted Graffiti Festival

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to bring together the people of the Capital with artistic activities. Ankara Intercity Terminal Operation (AŞTİ), which is the symbol of the capital and continues to be renovated, also hosted the graffiti festival. 30 August [more…]

trainings prevent product damage
06 Ankara

Trainings Prevent Product Damage

Silkar Endaş increases the efficiency of companies with the 'Power Transmission Trainings' given with Endaş Academy. Proper use and maintenance of power transmission products increase product quality. Majority of the problems experienced in power transmission products [more…]

Bayraktar Akinci Tiha entered the inventory
34 Istanbul

Bayraktar AKINCI entered the TİHA Inventory

AKINCI TİHA, whose personnel's training and test flights were completed, entered the inventory of the security forces. Bayraktar AKINCI, developed by BAYKAR with domestic and national means, within the scope of the project carried out under the leadership of the Presidency of Defense Industry (SSB). [more…]