mudanya streets now piril piril
16 Bursa

Mudanya Streets are Shining Now

Thanks to the asphalting move that Bursa Metropolitan Municipality started all over the city during the full closure period, the main streets of Mudanya district now have a sparkling appearance. In Bursa, both the city center and [more…]

buse formula against obesity

BUSE Formula Against Obesity

Associate Professor from the Department of Gastroenterology Surgery at Memorial Şişli Hospital. Dr. Ümit Koç gave information about the ways to prevent obesity due to the "European Obesity Day". Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, stroke in the world and in our country [more…]

who is sarkici oguz yilmaz

Who is Singer Oğuz Yılmaz?

Oğuz Yılmaz (born 25 October 1968, Ankara – died 19 May 2021, Istanbul), Turkish singer-songwriter. He was born in 1968 in Ankara. He has been interested in music since he was little. Small [more…]

Seasonal rents of summer villas exceeded flat prices
07 Antalya

Seasonal Rents of Summer Villas Exceed Flat Prices

Holidaymakers, who are preparing to vacation with the coronavirus measures, have a great interest in rental villas, as they did last year. The prices of the villas, which started to fill up months ago, are astonishing. During the coronavirus period, such as Borum, Çeşme, Alanya, Kemer [more…]