Provides savings with the choice of bearings
34 Istanbul

Provides Savings With Bearing Selection

With its experienced engineer staff, Silkar Endaş determines the right bearing for factories and production lines, and enables them to save money with the appropriate solutions. Incorrect use of bearings and power transmission products, improper assembly [more…]

normallesme has begun and scooters have landed on the streets

Normalization Begins E-Scooters Hit the Streets

Those who spend most of their time at home due to the pandemic have embraced electric scooters with the lifting of the restriction. Moving from the increasing use of e-scooters, MediaMarkt offers new products and services to those who use e-scooters that vary according to price, distance, speed or carrying capacity. [more…]

Vitamin D shield is vital

Vitamin D Shield is Vital

Muratbey R&D Center team drew attention to a critical issue in terms of public health by presenting a study emphasizing the importance of vitamin D at the 6th International Congress of Health Sciences and Family Medicine. Within pandemic restrictions [more…]

carrying ecole sustainability leadership to the highest level
34 Istanbul

Ekol Carries Its Sustainability Leadership to the Highest Level

Ekol, the first company in the world to receive the "Registration of Sustainable Logistics" at the FIATA (International Federation of Forwarding Organizers Associations) 2014 World Congress, became the first company in the world to ensure that its activities carried out with a sustainable service approach, with the audit carried out in the first quarter of 2021. [more…]

COPD Whatsapp Group Established

COPD Whatsapp Group Established

COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) is a non-contagious lung disease that affects breathing. It occurs due to deformation in the lungs as a result of inhaling harmful gases for a long time and causes breathing difficulties. [more…]

The deal has reached Antray will not go on strike
07 Antalya

Deal With AntRay Will Not Go On Strike!

Gül, President of Konya Branch of the Demiryol-İş Union organized in AntRay, stated that they reached an agreement on 21 articles during the collective agreement process with Antalya Transportation Inc. and said, “The Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Muhittin Böcek supported the worker. Strike [more…]

izmir halit ziya boulevard is closed to traffic
35 Izmir

İzmir Halit Ziya Boulevard Closes to Traffic

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues its works on Halit Ziya Boulevard within the scope of the First Stage Belt Infrastructure Project, which it carries out to prevent flooding in the Kemeraltı region during heavy rainfall and to strengthen the infrastructure of the region. Infrastructure [more…]