Seasonal Rents of Summer Villas Exceed Flat Prices

Seasonal rents of summer villas exceeded flat prices
Seasonal rents of summer villas exceeded flat prices

Vacationers, who are preparing for a holiday with coronavirus measures, have a great interest in rental villas as they did last year. The prices of the villas, which started to fill months ago, are astonishing.

Indicating that there was a great interest in summer regions such as Borum, Çeşme, Alanya and Kemer during the coronavirus period, Luxury Real Estate Consultant Evrim Kırmızıtaş Başaran said, “Since March 2020, the populations of summer districts have multiplied. Bodrum especially attracted great attention. The search for a house that can be lived in these regions for 12 months has peaked ”.

She rents a villa without a summer residence

Noting that those who do not have a summer house prefer a rental villa, Başaran said, “Those who do not have a summer house rent a villa for this period. Houses with gardens and pools are especially desired. Houses intertwined with nature are very popular. In this way, families are thinking of passing the restriction in a place where they can both listen and play games ”.

20 thousand TL per day

Stating that those who want to rent a villa mostly prefer Bodrum, Başaran gave the following information about the prices of the villas: “The price of the house varies according to many facilities such as room, number of beds, pool, garden, terrace, view, sauna, but for a family of four starts from 1000 TL on average and goes up to 10.000 TL. In the ultra luxury category, there are houses that reach up to 20.000 TL. "Discounts can be made for long-term reservations."

It reaches 2 million per season

Stating that Yalıkavak, Gündoğan, Gümüşlük and Bitez are especially preferred in Bodrum, Başaran said, “The number of rooms and features such as pool and view change prices greatly. Couples, families, rude relatives or groups of friends can choose a villa for themselves. Monthly rentals range from an average of 25.000 TL to 300.000 TL. In some villas, it can go up to 750.000 TL per month. If you want to make a seasonal rental, it reaches up to 2 million TL ”.

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