For the First Time in Turkey, Children's Bicycles Project was Launched in Izmir

Children's bicycles project was launched in Izmir for the first time in Turkey
Children's bicycles project was launched in Izmir for the first time in Turkey

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer It implemented the “kids bikes” project in Izmir for the first time in Turkey. Speaking at the promotional event of the project, Mayor Soyer said, “In this way, we support the development of cycling culture in our city from a young age. Today, we offer 120 children's bicycles, two of which we planned to be at each BISIM station, to the children of Izmir.”

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer, implemented the children's bicycles project in İzmir for the first time in Turkey, in order to develop the cycling culture in İzmir. Speaking at the project promotion event held in İnciraltı City Forest on May 19, Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day, the President Tunç Soyer“Today, we are launching children's bicycles for the first time in Turkey, in Izmir, by leading the cities of our country. In this way, we support the development of cycling culture in our city from a young age. Today, we offer 120 children's bicycles, two of which we planned to be at each BISIM station, to the children of Izmir. With this project, we have reached a total capacity of 650 bicycles in the BISIM fleet, of which 120 are adult, 120 tandem and 890 children's bicycles. Soyer pedaled with the participants from İnciraltı Urban Forest to İzmir Marina.

First in Turkey: Tandem bicycles

President Tunç SoyerStating that their priority is to develop public transportation, pedestrian and bicycle transportation in İzmir within the framework of nature-friendly and human-oriented transportation policies, “We are strengthening the bicycle infrastructure in order to popularize the bicycle as a means of transportation beyond being a hobby. The most important focus of these efforts is our Smart Bicycle Rental System, namely BISIM. BISIM, with its 373 thousand members, is one of the most important projects implemented by the public in our country in order to encourage the use of bicycles in Izmir. We have made many innovations in BISIM in the last two years: We put our new BISIM stations into service in Fahrettin Altay, Mavişehir İZBAN, Bornova Metro, Buca Hasanağa Park. We increased the number of BISIM stations across Izmir to 55. By the end of this year, we will increase the number of stations across Izmir to 60. We have established a rental bicycle system for our citizens living in Gaziemir, Narlıdere and Güzelbahçe districts. We broke new ground in bicycle transportation in Turkey with tandem bicycles. By making it possible for more than one person to use a bicycle at the same time, we have also removed the obstacles to bicycle transportation for our visually impaired citizens.

Pandemic highlight

Stating that the value of bicycles is better understood all over the world during the pandemic period, Soyer said that bicycle factories are operating at full capacity and cash support is provided to bicycle users in European countries. Emphasizing how accurate and important the projects of BİSİM that develop the bicycle roads of the Metropolitan were revealed in such an environment, Soyer said, “During the pandemic, Şehit Nevres, Vasıf Çınar, 2nd Kordon and Plevne Boulevard and Yeşildere side road and Veterans On the street; In our Narlıdere district, we put into service about a 15-kilometer bicycle path between Narlıdere Center and Sahilevleri bicycle path, and in Dikili, Sevgi Yolu and Uğur Mumcu Street. KarşıyakaOur bicycle path works continue on Aziz Nesin in Istanbul, Cumhuriyet and Talatpaşa boulevards in Konak. In addition, our planning and projecting works in Gaziemir, Buca, Çeşme, Menderes, Bayındır, Tire, Bergama and Selçuk districts continue at full speed ”.

Goes up to 107 kilometers

Stating that they are continuing their efforts to expand the bicycle parking areas and bicycle repair stations applied in the city center to the districts outside the center, Soyer continued: “Last year, we offered 35 bicycle repair stations and 50 bicycle pumps free of charge to our citizens throughout the city. In the last year, we have put 85 bicycle parking spaces in service at 779 points. By the end of 2021, we will offer 20 repair stations and approximately 250 bicycle parking spaces for the use of our citizens. Izmir currently has 84 kilometers of bicycle path and this number will soon be 107 kilometers. The bicycle path that encircles the bay has been completed. In addition, we plan to establish an additional 103 kilometers of bicycle path in the short term and 248 kilometers in the medium and long term. Thus, we anticipate increasing the ratio of bicycles in the distribution of daily travel in İzmir from 0,5 percent to 1,5 percent. "

To leave a beautiful Izmir to future generations

Emphasizing that all of the disasters we suffered in İzmir in just two years are the result of multi-dimensional destruction in nature by humanity, Soyer said, “This is why we are trying to develop the transportation problem in İzmir with a comprehensive planning approach and modern and innovative transportation alternatives. Our large metro and tram investments, electric buses, and the work we do in sea transportation are all results of this. And of course, this is the main reason why we put the children's bicycles that bring us together today into service. I mean, to leave a beautiful Izmir for future generations… ”he said.

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