Diyarbakır Signed Light Rail System Project Tender Contract

Diyarbakir signed the contract for the light rail system project
Diyarbakir signed the contract for the light rail system project

📩 21/05/2021 15:50

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality has signed the contract for the light rail system, for which it has realized the project tender. In the tender for the light rail system that it plans to implement to provide comfortable, safe and cheap public transportation services to the citizens, the commission has completed its evaluation.

The Metropolitan Municipality signed a contract with Altaş Infrastructure International Engineering and Consulting Joint Stock Company for the project tender, where 5 strongest companies in this field in Turkey bid. After the 6-month period for the completion of the projects, the implementation phase will begin.

Diyarbakir tram stations

"We are planning to present the rail system to the people of Diyarbakır in 2023"

Head of Transportation Department Hülya Atalay said that the rail system issue, which Diyarbakır and the people of Diyarbakır have longed for for years, has now reached a certain point.

Atalay, Dağkapı, Ali Emiri Caddesi, Hintbaba, Ekinciler, Office-storey intersection, Turgut Özal Boulevard, Diclekent Boulevard, Mastfroş Boulevard and Lalegül He stated that he will end at Gazi Yaşargil Training and Research Hospital by following the Boulevard line.

Atalay explained that in the Gazi Yaşargil Training and Research Hospital area, there will be a warehouse area, maintenance and repair area for trains and an area where operating offices will be located.

Emphasizing that the issue of when the rail system will start to operate is very curious, Atalay said: “I hope we plan to activate it in 2023. Of course, the first stage of this work was the provision of implementation projects. We have completed this stage. We made our bid. Another stage of this is the construction, the other stage is the supply of vehicles. We plan to complete these stages in a very short time and to present the rail system to Diyarbakır residents in 2023. "


  1. If the Tigris river is turned into a lake the size of a gulf and social areas, residential and agricultural areas suitable for its surroundings are created, then Diyarbakır will truly be the “PARIS of Eastern Europe”.

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