Turkish stamp on south korean helicopters
82 Korea (South)

Turkish stamp on South Korean helicopters

South Korea buys the mid-hulls of its helicopters from Turkey. Coşkunöz Defense and Aerospace has also successfully completed the delivery of the 26th medium fuselage of the Korean Utility Helicopter. One of the most important parts of the South Korean utility helicopter [more…]

The new route of the automotive industry

The New Route of the Automotive Sector

Technological developments and mergers and acquisitions in the automotive sector, which has been adversely affected by the pandemic, will be the focal points of the future. While the coronavirus pandemic changed the balances in the business world, it had lasting effects in many sectors. of sectors [more…]

Eurasia tunnel saved drivers hourly time
34 Istanbul

Eurasia Tunnel Saved 1 Hour of Time for Drivers

Stating that the Eurasia Tunnel significantly relieved the traffic congestion in Istanbul, Minister Karaismailoğlu said, "The Eurasia Tunnel saved drivers 1 hour of time." Karaismailoğlu said, “The drivers using the Eurasia Tunnel have a total of 111 million hours of time. [more…]

van erek dagi street is being renovated
65 Van

Van Erek Mountain Street is Renewed

The 1,6-kilometer-long Erek Mountain Street, which was included in the scope of the 'Prestige Street Projects' by the Van Metropolitan Municipality, will be completely renewed. Within the scope of the urban transformation and renewal works initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality in the city, the Department of Studies and Projects [more…]

Can positive segregation continue after the epidemic?
34 Istanbul

DHL Express Turkey's New CEO Mustafa Tonguç

DHL Express, the world's leading international fast air transportation company, will continue its successful activities in Turkey under the leadership of Claus Lassen for about 4 years, with Mustafa Tonguç. Leading DHL Express in Turkey in February 2017 [more…]

Mitsubishi adds soul to electric robots

Mitsubishi Electric Develops Robot Technology

Mitsubishi Electric, which carries out works beyond the age in the field of robotics and develops robots that can cooperate with humans, raises the issue of whether robots can be loaded with spirit and consciousness in the future in the light of its proprietary MAISART technology. [more…]