BUSE Formula Against Obesity

buse formula against obesity
buse formula against obesity

📩 20/05/2021 13:20

Memorial Şişli Hospital, Department of Gastroenteorology Surgery, Assoc. Dr. Ümit Koç gave information about the ways to prevent obesity due to the "European Obesity Day".

Obesity, which is the biggest risk factor for non-communicable health problems such as Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, stroke and various types of cancer in the world and in our country, continues to be widespread and continues to be a major health problem, however, obesity crisis can be solved easily thanks to the measures taken with simple methods. Memorial Şişli Hospital, Department of Gastroenteorology Surgery, Assoc. Dr. Ümit Koç gave information about the ways to prevent obesity due to the "European Obesity Day".

Obesity rates have almost tripled since 1975; It is known that this rate increases 3 times in children and adolescents. Obesity has been a health problem affecting people of all social groups and all ages in both developed and developing countries. It can be said that obesity is an important risk factor for diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, stroke and cancer. Obesity is a health problem caused by the fact that the adipose tissue in the body exceeds what it should be. People with a Body Mass Index of over 5 are considered obese patients. Obesity rates have increased considerably in the last 30-20 years. Changing nutrition and lifestyle habits continue to trigger obesity.

Irregular diet and lack of exercise bring obesity

Today, many ready-to-eat foods can be reached very easily. These foods are also fast to digest and do not require much energy. This brings along malnutrition from an early age. This type of diet is popular because it is more practical and easier to prepare. Therefore, malnutrition occurs. In the last 20 years when life has become easier with the development of technology, exercise deprivation has also arisen. In addition to irregular diet, people cannot use the calories they take and are stored as fat in the body. In addition, electronic devices used especially in the late hours affect the sleep pattern, affect the production of melatonin hormone necessary for the regulation of our metabolism, and this returns to us as stress in daily life. All these components prepare the ground for us to fall prey to obesity and many diseases it causes.

Insufficient sleep hormones hit

Although the most common cause of weight gain is known to be eating too much and moving less, insufficient sleep also predisposes to obesity. The human body is programmed to sleep from sunset to sunrise. Insufficient sleep causes a decrease in leptin hormone, which signals satiety. Low secretion of this hormone sends a signal to the brain to eat even though there is no hunger. This causes overeating. In addition, insufficient sleep causes stress. Insufficient sleep increases the level of cortisone hormone and increases the appetite. This lays the groundwork for obesity.

Four-step prevention against obesity

It is important to apply practical methods in order not to fall prey to obesity. It is possible to summarize all of these methods as a BUSE formula by putting their initials next to each other:

Change your eating habits

A Mediterranean diet, rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and made up of homemade foods instead of ready-made foods, is important in preventing obesity. In addition, avoiding fast-food foods, avoiding sugary and acidic beverages, and switching to a diet that contains enough water and essential nutrients for the body to renew itself play a role in the fight against obesity.

Establish your sleep routine

Not getting enough sleep can cause hormonal irregularities and invite obesity. It is known that people have recently concentrated on using TV, mobile phones or tablets before going to sleep. It is important that such devices are not allowed into the bedroom for quality sleep. Being away from the screen for the last 2 hours before going to sleep, ventilating the sleeping room, providing a dark and quiet environment are among the factors that affect the quality of sleep. Adequate and healthy sleep has an important role in both weight loss and the strength of our immune system by reducing the stress of our body.

Control your stress

Since the stress experienced in daily life increases the level of cortisone hormone, it automatically increases the appetite. Therefore, the stress factor should be eliminated. Although this is not possible today, we should not forget that there are many effective ways to deal with stress. Acquiring new hobbies, making the necessary rational attempts to stay away from traffic as much as possible (shortening the distance between home and work, alternative methods such as cycling) can help to cope with stress.

Put exercise into your life

In the intensity of daily life, many people cannot find the opportunity to exercise, if there is no time for exercise, public transportation can be preferred when going to work or school, or alternative methods such as walking and cycling can be used in appropriate weather. If the service is used, one or two stops can be walked up and down. The use of stairs instead of elevators can be increased. Even simple activities that can be done at home will help. There are many exercises you can do when you get up half an hour early in the morning.

Old habits should not be returned after bariatric surgery

Nutritional treatment, physical activity and behavioral change are successful in obesity, if it is still not successful, it is possible to treat obesity with surgical methods, but returning to old habits after this treatment will cause the regain of the weight lost by surgery over time. People between the ages of 18-65, with a body mass index above 40, and individuals with a body mass index of 35 and above and a disease associated with obesity, if they do not have an untreated psychological disorder or an obstacle to anesthesia, they do not have addiction such as alcohol and cigarettes, and Those who are willing in this regard can have obesity surgery.

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