t attack helicopter will be exported to Philippines
06 Ankara

T129 ATAK Helicopter to be Exported to Philippines

TUSAŞ Corporate Marketing and Communications President Serdar Demir was the guest of the "Yıldız Technical University Defense Industry Days" event. At the event, where Defense Turk was one of the press sponsors, Serdar Demir talked about the status of the systems developed during his speech. [more…]

Promotion film

How to Make a Promotional Film?

Promotional film is one of the communication tools used by companies and different institutions in the corporate world to reach their target audiences. This critical tool, which is also known as a corporate promotional film, provides services to institutions in the competitive world [more…]

You can make your baby feel safe without holding him / her

How to Make Your Baby Feel Safe

Don't hold your baby all the time, then he gets used to the lap! If you don't hold your baby, she will be insecure, afraid of everything! Two different views. Well, which one is correct? We asked Expert Clinical Psychologist Benan Şahinbaş. especially the first [more…]

Wrong step back in scrap import

Plastic Scrap Import Prohibited, Sector Reactive

Plastic Industrialists Association (PAGDER) Chairman of the Board Selçuk Gülsün: “How does the polyethylene scrap import ban, which was implemented without any impact analysis and without exchanging ideas with sector representatives, affect our country's plastics industry? [more…]