Technology Exports from Turkey to India

India technology exports from Turkey
India technology exports from Turkey

Reaching 12 countries of the world with turnkey solutions in smart city technologies, ASIS CT ​​continues to offer transportation infrastructure solutions in India. Asis CT, which carries out end-to-end software and hardware activities of India's Pune, Indore, Amritsar and Mumbai subway, has now started the Water Metro project in Kochi.

Reaching 26 million users in smart city technologies, Asis CT-City Technologies continues to develop solutions in the field of smart cities from Europe to Asia and Africa, to different countries of the world. Asis CT, which exports technology to India, which has the world's most populous population, with its transportation infrastructure, will also perform software and hardware works of Kochi Water Metro Station, the commercial city of South India.

The opening of the first station in the Kochi Water Metro project was held with the participation of Indian Kerala State President Pinarayi Vijayan and Asis CT Asia Pacific Regional Director Rajan CS. In the project, which will connect 42 islands with 78 stations, 15 km, 10 routes in total, Kochi Metro Card was integrated into the system with Asis CT software. Passengers who want to use the Kochi Water Metro will be able to access them with the Kochi Metro card.

ASİS CT General Manager Hakan Özyürek stated that they are the solution partner in the transportation project of 4.8 million dollars in the country and said, “As a company, we are focused on increasing our weight and investments in the transportation infrastructure of India. We have been a solution partner of India since 2016 in the field of electronic fare collection, access control, mobile monitoring, passenger counting systems. We develop transportation infrastructure solutions in the world's most populous cities. We aim to continue to grow in India with our integrated solutions and technologies in the field of smart cities. As ASIS CT, we are now one of the important playmakers in smart city technologies in the world. As we prepare cities for tomorrow, we develop solutions in line with needs, and bring cities together with our smart and sustainable projects ”.

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