Diyarkart Implementation in Public Transport Begins

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, 196 municipality serving in public transportation area, 100 private public bus and 376 minibus including total 672 vehicles in the same pool is launched by the application of Diyarkart. Maritime Transport and Communications Ministry with Diyarkart Turkey Card to be used in place of citizens in different cities can benefit from public transport. In case of filling in certain limits, a new card-based application will be implemented in districts outside the city center. The new system, which is more secure and suitable for disabled people, will be implemented in 31 March 2018.

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality continues its works to follow better technological developments and to provide better public transportation services at international standards. In 2017, the Metropolitan Municipality, which carries a total of 27 thousand passengers in municipal and private public buses, will go to the 400 in order to reach international standards in the area of ​​public transport. The 2018 public bus, 2018 private public bus and 196 minibus, which will complete the work for 100, will collect the total 376 public transport vehicle in the same pool. It is planned to integrate private public buses and minibuses into the public transport pool by 672 March 31.

Diyarkart period in public transportation

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, which has previously accepted the paid boarding, starts the Diyarkart application by adding new public buses and minibuses to the new system and ending the paid fare (Electronic Fare Collection) by the decision of 19.10.2017 / 2017 / 9 numbered Transport Coordination Center (UKOME). With the new application, it is expected that serious traffic and traffic uniformity will be provided in urban traffic. Special public bus and minibuses to be included in the new regulation of the new system software and technological infrastructure work will perform.

Secure public transport

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality, which completed its project works as 15 December, will remove the paid ride and pass to the boarding system in all public transportation vehicles. In the new system, which will be safer for the public transportation for the citizens, the vehicles will be monitored with high security cameras. In addition, all vehicles included in the system will be monitored with emergency panic button, fuel saving usage, in-vehicle passenger safety and traffic violation.

Thanks to the new system, teams will be able to reach certain data in the field of public transport and make analyzes. With the application of Diyarkart, transportation-related audits, determination of supply-demand balance on the lines and analyzes of passenger and driver relations can be done in a systematic way.

New application will be more economical

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, with many new applications will be implemented in the system citizens will be able to use public transport more cost-effective. With the Bonus Diyarkart installer application, 20 will be discounted between 100 TL and 10 TL, 100 TL and 600 TL and 15 discount. 2 and 4 boarding Diyarkart application will be implemented in card loading sales offices. With the transfer system, the first 45 will be discounted by 2. In the new system, credit card bills will be accepted to the vehicles with Diyarkart and the payments will be provided to the citizens via mobile (mobile) and internet banking.

In the new arrangement, the number of card filling sales offices will be increased. Citizens can also learn how many boarding passes on their cards when they want.

Free internet application will continue

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality's public transport vehicles implemented last year, which will continue the free internet application. With the application of passenger information tracking systems, citizens will be able to find out where the bus is on the internet via smart phones online and at what time to reach.

Public transport suitable for visually and hearing impaired people

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, in conjunction with the new public transport arrangement for the visually impaired, and for the hearing impaired in-vehicle electronic stall identification systems will be implemented. Time and cost loss will be prevented.

Turkey Card compatible with the new system

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality, Diyarkart will launch in March 31 2018 system of the Ministry of Maritime Transport and Communications will be compatible with applications launched across Turkey Card. Citizens will be able to benefit from public transport in different cities with their cards.

2018 card in the year of 16.11.2017 2017 date and 10 / 22-XNUMX with the decision of the UKOME Bismil, Cermik, Tigris, Egil, Ergani, Hani, Kulp, Lice and Silvan will be implemented in the areas connected to the district centers.

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