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Beautiful News

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the new route in maritime transport to promote the sea transportation in Güzelbahçe reduced the cost of boarding 2.86 pounds. The new tariff starts from tomorrow (1 June Friday). [more…]


RayHaber 31.05.2018 Tender Bulletin

Cylinder Head will be purchased (TÜLOMSAŞ) Machined Axle Purchase A Machinist Warning System will be installed at Level Crossings Between Kayseri and Çetinkaya Processed Axle Purchase For Road Renovation Between Bozanönü-Eğirdir Stations [more…]


RayHaber 30.05.2018 Tender Bulletin

Machinist Warning Signal will be made to Level Crossings, Bridge and Culvert Maintenance-Repair Works will be Performed, Concrete Traverse Scissor Ferries and Repair Service will be taken Van-Kapıköy Line Between Km: 51 + 000-112 + 300 [more…]